Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Every September my parents go to Yellowstone, I decided I wanted to go to since I hadn't really been a trip with my boys for awhile.  We drove to Island Park after my dad got off of work so we could get up early and head into the park the following morning.  They have been staying at Mammoth Campground since their large 5th wheel makes it difficult to camp in most campgrounds.  It isn't the prettiest campground, but it is close to the Elk action which is a large reason we love going in September.  

It was the funniest thing, Camden strapped himself into Bryson's car seat, but he couldn't get it undone.  He fell over and we were dying laughing at with him.  He did get mad when I had to get a picture.  It was pretty funny. 

I was so excited for my kids to see a buffalo in the road. 
 That is Camden's head hanging out of my dad's truck!  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating with us this trip.  It was a pretty cold and rainy day.  We headed over to Old Faithful.  

We watched it erupt from the Hotel, we were wimpy! 

Lunch at the Old Faithful grill, I love eating at these little diners.  We usually pack stuff for lunches, but since the weather wasn't too great for a picnic we ate inside! 
Camden and Bryson bought new stuffed animals for the Souvenir.  We have so many at home, but they love the new ones (for a while anyway). 

We lucked out and on our way to the campground we saw a Grizzly, I wasn't able to get a picture since I was driving the Motor home and my dad was pulling his trailer.  He didn't think we would be able to get off the road enough, I was glad he didn't try, because I didn't want to have to find a spot to park! I told myself if we didn't see anything else, the whole trip would be worth seeing my boys' reaction to seeing a bear so close.  We lucked out even more as we drove back from Old Faithful, we saw the bear again, and this time I was able to get a picture.  We were so excited! 
 Despite the weather we had the best first day, we also saw this sow with her cub.  My dad found a spot right off the road, and I had to drive a little farther to find a spot to get off the road.  (I had my car so I didn't have to drive the RV the whole trip.) By the time I walked back to where my dad was parked the bear started coming right up to his truck, I hurried and got the boys in the back of his truck and we watched from there.  It is so much fun watching a bear in the wild. 

Our second day wasn't quite as exciting, the weather was really crappy and we mostly drove around hoping to see something exciting.  This bull was the most excitement, though it is a lot more fun to watch a bulls that are fighting.  

This guy was walking across the meadow and then he started up to the road, I started to get a little nervous, I have seen too many bulls charge cars.  Luckily we kept going the other direction, but I was ready to take off at any moment! 

The following morning we woke up early and went to see if we could find some bull action, we did see a little bit, but I didn't get a picture of anything.  Finally the weather had cleared and the day was suppose to be great.  Unfortunatly for us, the government shut down! As we went pack to our camp to fix breakfast we were told the government shut down and we could stay one more night in the park, but we weren't allowed to leave the campground.  If the ranger would have seen us that morning they would not have let us leave earlier.  We cooked breakfast and I called Neil to see if he could find us a place to stay, since my phone's internet wasn't working very well.  He found us a spot so we cooked breakfast and headed out of the park.  It was so crazy, my dad said well let's stop at a few hot pots since the boys hadn't seen any yet this trip.  All of the roads were blocked with cones and yellow tape.  This one we stopped at was just a pull out, but this cone was set up on the boardwalk.  Crazy the government had time to make laminated signs! 

This is what the sign says! 

We were rebels! 
The park was so crazy because the whole place was empty! There wasn't anyone around.  

Just past Madison we saw this guy in the water and stopped to watch, however since no one was around we didn't worry about getting too far off the road! 

Watching from the RV! 

Camden taking his pictures.

Dallin got ahold of my phone and these are his pictures! 

Neil found us a great RV Park in West Yellowstone so we could finish our trip.  It was definetly disappointing getting kicked out, but I have been here and I am sure I will be back.  We saw and talked to people who came from Austrailia to visit the National Parks, they spent so much money for a once in a lifetime trip to be ruined.  I felt very bad for them! 
Hanging out in West 
Doing a little shopping. Dallin put these magnetic rocks on his ears, he looked like he had gages! Thankfully he thought it looked very dumb!

The following day, we went to Johnny Saks cabin, and Big Springs.  We didn't see too many fish, but we had fun! 

We did see this muskrat, and we fed him some crackers.

We went to Island Park and did some more exploring.  Wouldn't you know it, even the "outhouses" were closed due to lack of government funding.  Someone had broken this door handle so we were still able to use a potty. It was so insane! 

Our last day of the trip we woke up to SNOW!!!!! Dallin had the boys ready to fire when I opened the door, little turkeys! They had a blast playing in the snow while I got the motor home ready to head home! 

Our view as we left! It was a bummer, but we still had a great trip and we made lots of memories! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fall Sports!

Camden was very excited to play flag football, especially since his dad would be coaching him.  Cam did a really good job this year, he was more "into" the game than he was last year.  I love the smile on his face, getting ready to hike the ball. 

I am horrible at taking pictures, I just go and watch and enjoy! But that doesn't make for very good pictures! I really need to get better at that.  Bryson is very excited that he gets to sign up for sports next year.  Almost every game he had to play football on the side lines.  
Look out, here comes Bryson! 

I also realized I did not take one picture of Dallin's fall soccer!  I can't believe I did that, I guess it isn't like I don't have a bunch of pictures of him playing soccer, but I am still very disappointed in myself for not taking any.  Dallin had a great season, and he was able to score some goals! I was so happy for him.  He always has some assists, but he had yet to score in a game until this season.  It is always fun to watch him and his teammates improve over the season.  I mentioned in the post about summer tournaments that he had a new team.  Well after summer tournaments our goalie decided he didn't want to play for the fall league.  OUCH! We also lost another player because he moved, so we were down 2 players, and most importantly our goalie.  Thankfully there were a couple of boys, that worked hard and really did well for us at goalie.  They ended the season in the middle of the pack, which after all that had happened I was happy about.  I am already looking forward to Spring soccer season.  (And Bryson gets to play that as well, he can't wait, and neither can I!)