Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Wrestling.....

This past weekend we had the
first wrestling tournament that
they actually kept score. When I
found out they were keeping score
I got really nervous. Dallin did awesome
though and won his first match!
This is his second match of the day...

Check out the intense look on his face!

Going for the pin, he didn't get it right here, but
he did pin this kid, and his next opponent
as well! He won all three of his matches and took
first! I was so excited, and I think his dad was pretty
proud as well. Dallin was very excited that he won. After
this match he told the kid's parents that he had already won
two of his matches. I about died, but it was funny!

Waiting for the awards! My mom was able to
get off work and come and watch. Dallin was
very excited to show Grandma his wrestling moves!
Bryson was very good during the tournament.

Camden does pretty good too, he gets a little bored
at times, but we take some toys for him and there
are plenty of other kids for him to play with.

Here is Dallin getting his medal! When they called
his name he was so embarassed. He sucked in his lips
making a fish face so that he didn't smile. Little Turkey!

Here were the kids in his group, the 3rd place kid
wasn't there for the medal. You can kinda see his
face, I should have zoomed in more.

Here is the winner, with his medal!
He still wouldn't smile, he said people
were watching him. Funny kid, you gotta love him!

More Pox!

One Friday night as we were getting ready to go to
a fundraiser, I noticed one red spot on Camden's
chin. I called Neil in to look at it, and we both
thought the same thing! He has the chicken pox.
I looked all over him, and found 2 more tiny spots.
I told him we weren't going to be able to go to the
party! He said "I can't go to the party because I have
chicken spots". He is so dang cute!

All of these pictures are a couple of days later, he
only really had the one on his chin. The 2 tiny spots
I first noticed never turned into anything. Thankfully
he had the vaccine and that is why he only had one!
Dallin never got any, lucky boy!

I had to take Bryson to the doctor for a shot when
he still had chicken pox. When the physicians
assistant saw him he asked Camden if a chicken
had bit his brother. Camden was very concerned,
but he said yes, look at his spots!

Now Camden asked me if the chicken bit him too!
I had to laugh, and he says "naughty chicken".

Sunday, November 8, 2009


My Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Brent were so kind to throw us a
Halloween Party. I can't believe even Neil wore a "costume"!
He hasn't dressed up once since I have known him, and that
has been eight years!

Camden wanted to be a bat, but when we looked
for costumes, I couldn't find a bat. I found a little
devil that had wings and ears like a bat. I asked
Camden if he wanted to be a red bat, and he was
very excited! So no, he is not the devil, just a red bat!

Most of the grandkids from my family! Dallin,
Camden, Quade, Tanner, Savannah, Tessia holding

Pumpkin Time!

Neil cutting off the tops, the boys are anxiously
waiting to dig in!

Here is Bryson with his pumpkin!

Dallin kept saying how gross it was to clean it out.
He asked to go wash his hands five times. It made
me laugh!

Talk about a huge scoop of goo!
Camden wasn't afraid, but he never is.

Getting ready to go trick-or-treating.

Here is my handsome little frog, with some remaining
chicken pox!

All ready to go out! Dallin made a handsome
vampire! He was so excited to hold Bryson for this
picture. He has been such a good big brother, he
gets as excited as I do when Bryson does something new.

All the kids and the pumpkins! They turned out pretty
good! Daddy stayed him with Bryson to pass out candy
and I took the boys out. Lucky for me, we ended up with
our neighbor going around in their ranger! It was nice since
we live on hills, and Camden's "feet were hurting".

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Let the fun begin! Dallin is now old enough to play sports, and he has been so excited. He played T-Ball in the summer. (I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of him, but I did get video.) Then this fall he played flag football, and Neil was lucky enough to coach him. He thought that was so cool. Dallin even scored a touchdown, I was so excited. Now we have started wrestling! I love to watch it, so I hope he continues to love it! He has had a lot of fun doing this!
First Wrestling meet at Sky View!

See the smile while he is wrestling?

Getting ready, good stance!

Football game!