Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Pox!

One Friday night as we were getting ready to go to
a fundraiser, I noticed one red spot on Camden's
chin. I called Neil in to look at it, and we both
thought the same thing! He has the chicken pox.
I looked all over him, and found 2 more tiny spots.
I told him we weren't going to be able to go to the
party! He said "I can't go to the party because I have
chicken spots". He is so dang cute!

All of these pictures are a couple of days later, he
only really had the one on his chin. The 2 tiny spots
I first noticed never turned into anything. Thankfully
he had the vaccine and that is why he only had one!
Dallin never got any, lucky boy!

I had to take Bryson to the doctor for a shot when
he still had chicken pox. When the physicians
assistant saw him he asked Camden if a chicken
had bit his brother. Camden was very concerned,
but he said yes, look at his spots!

Now Camden asked me if the chicken bit him too!
I had to laugh, and he says "naughty chicken".

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  1. Too funny! I'm glad he didn't get any more than the one. Kids say the funniest things!