Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Embarrassing!

So my lovely sister-in-law Kristen has an amazing gift for writing the most hysterical stories. I was telling her the most embarrassing moment of my life and she said she couldn't wait to read it on my blog. I am going to make an attempt at writing such a story.

Last weekend we had a couples Christmas Party for our neighborhood. I was really excited to go, my mom had all three of my boys (I haven't left Bryson for a night out since he was born.) Neil and I were going to have a great night out!

We enjoyed a lovely evening out with many of our friends. There was excellent food and lots of chatting, it was great! I get really chatty when I get with other adults, since I get so much adult conversation at home. Anyway after dinner, there were about 5 couples, and we were helping put chairs away. Neil was behind me, so I reached back and patted his bum and then leaned back to tell him something. However when I leaned to tell Neil whatever I was going to tell him, to my horror the only thing I could say was "You are not my husband"! I could have died! The poor guy held up his hands and said to his wife ~ I didn't do anything. I think my face turned 20 shades of red while everyone had a good laugh. It was so embarrassing.

Friday when I went to lunch with my parents, my dad came up to me and said, Jodi I heard a funny story about you. He said he heard I was molesting other men at a party. I told him we certainly didn't need to use such harsh words! The guy whose rear end I patted, is married to my dad's cousin. This is certainly one of the most embarrassing moments of my life! It was a good thing I just patted, rather than a full on grab. I have to keep reminding myself it could have been worse!


  1. Oh Jodi, that is HILARIOUS!! That would be pretty embarassing, but too funny. I'm sure the guy didn't really mind. ;0) Thanks for sharing a good laugh!

  2. Well written Jodi! Thanks for sharing. It made me laugh again.