Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I decided this year, I really needed/wanted a new tree. I was looking for a taller and skinnier tree. I found one I really liked and made the purchase. It was a pre-lit tree, or so it was called. After I had the darn thing put together, half of the lights weren't working. I had also purchased a "light gun" to tell help get your lights on and be able to tell which light is causing the problem. I worked for a couple of hours and had all but three strands now working. When Neil got home he was able to get two of the strands to work, but the top strand was not so cooperative. We could not get it to work, so we pulled it off and put on a new one! I am very scared for next year, all the lights better work. So Dallin and Camden "decorated" the latter, while we were waiting for Dad to get home from work. They are so funny! Last year we moved into our new house on December 2o, so needless to say I didn't do much decorating. I put up our christmas tree of course but nothing else. As I was getting out the decorations Dallin was getting really excited and was saying, I remember this one mom! It was fun to see his excitement. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Decorating the tree has begun! My mom has given us ornaments every year at Thanksgiving, so the boys love to put "their" ornaments on the tree.

Daddy helping Camden!

They thought is was really cool to be able to climb to the top of the ladder to put the ornaments on.

This is Dallin putting on one of his ornaments!

Camden and Daddy having fun on the ladder.

Dallin and Daddy take their turn on the ladder.

It had to be Daddy's job to put the star on this year. Dallin was a little disappointed he has always been able to put the star on, but since this tree is 12 feet high, there was no way daddy could have an extra helper!

Dallin and Bryson! Bryson just army crawled around on the floor trying to get the ornament boxes while we decorated the tree. He is such a good baby!

My three handsome boys and our lovely decorated tree! Hurry Christmas, Hurry fast!

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  1. Awesome tree and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your house... you need to take more pictures so we can all see it!