Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Have I already mentioned the fact that I LOVE CHRISTMAS???? On Christmas Eve, we had all of my family over for dinner and then we played a game, read about Jesus' birth and a Christmas story. My mom always gives each of our families a new book.
For the game we were each give a pair of nylons and 14 balloons and a red bow. We were suppose to blow up the balloons stuff them into the nylons and make one family member Rudolph. It was a close race, and Trisha's family won. I have to say Neil and I were right behind them and we had no help from older children.
Now to say our reading of the Savior's birth was spiritual part of the night would not be an exact account of the evening. It was pretty funny though. My dad took pictures or I would post them. All of the grand kids dressed up as either a Shepard, angel, Mary, Joseph, Wise Men and Camden was a camel. We had some balloons from our earlier game and we stuffed them up Camden's shirt to make a hump, and then there were some balloons hanging down like a tail. It was so funny, I was suppose to be reading the story from the scriptures and I had a hard time reading, because I was laughing. I really wish I had the pictures to put here and it would all make more sense!
It was great night! After everyone left we let the kids open one present and it was of course new pajamas! So here are my little angels ready for bed on Christmas Eve.

Dallin and Bryson

My little ham, Camden!
I was hoping (the only morning each year) that my kids would wake up early. I did get my wish, Dallin woke up at 6:15. I was so happy, he crawled in bed with me and asked me if I thought Santa had been to our house and left any presents. It was such a sweet little time that he and I had. We talked for about 5 minutes about what he thought Santa may have left for him and his brothers. Then he asked if we could wake everyone else up so we could all open presents. He certainly didn't have to ask me twice, but we did have to wake up Dad, Camden and Bryson.

This is the pile of presents Santa left for the family. Dallin was very happy to get a snowboard. The other presents were a Wii, games and some movies.

I wanted to get a picture of each of the kids by their pile of presents, but Camden started opening before I could. I have them each open one present at a time. I love it, then Christmas lasts a little longer and I can see each of their reactions for each present they open! I have asked Santa to wrap every present and he is so nice to comply with my wishes!

Bryson opening one of his presents, he didn't really try very hard to open them. He, of course, was more interested in the paper. Dallin jumped right in to help him unwrap.

I think this is such a sweet picture, Bryson has such a cute smile on his face. Dallin is trying to open the book to show him.

Camden opening his Batman Helicopter. Though I am not sure what caught his eye that got him so excited.

Dallin opening his Bat Cave!

Camden opening his Dragon Castle. This is the only thing he asked Santa for, and every time anyone asked him what he wanted he would say Santa is bringing me a Dragon Castle. I am so happy Santa brought it for him.

Santa brought Bryson this Microphone. It is really cute and he loves it!

Bryson playing with his new toy, what an angel!

Dallin playing with Camden's T Rex

I was trying to take Camden's picture with his dragon castle. I told him to look at me, as you can see he could hardly pull his eyes off the caste. SO MUCH FUN!!!

He finally looked!

Bryson singing with his microphone!
Dallin has been wanting to feed Bryson, so today I let him feed Bryson his fruit. I love this shot because you can see Dallin's mouth is open wide! He is such a good big brother.

Here is Dallin and Bryson!

Camden wants to help make Mac N Cheese! Yes it is lunch time and he still has his pajama's on. This Christmas break has gotten me lazy!

Bryson's new discovery ......
the cupboard with the bowls!
He is now getting up to his knees to things. He hasn't quite made it to his feet just yet, but he is trying. Bryson turned 10 months old on the 26th, I can't believe it. In just two short months my baby will be 1!

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