Thursday, March 4, 2010

My mirable baby is one!

I can't believe one whole year has already past! What a year it has been for my little Bryson. He had such a rough start and yet you would never know it now! Neil and I both kept thinking about the day he was born. Neil came home from work and said one year ago was the most stressful day of his life. It was a pretty stressful day, but for me surgery day was a lot worse. March 3, marked Bryson's 1st anniversary of open heart surgery.

I remember after he was born, he was immediately passed through the window to the NICU. They were trying to get an IV going and all the things they needed to monitor him, he was so strong they had to tie down his hands. That was very sad to me that he was tied down, but at the same time it gave me so much hope! He was already a fighter and he was only minutes old!

I am so grateful for modern medicine and all the things they are able to do! It still amazed me that they were able to repair his heart when it was so small. Our family is so blessed to have this amazing little boy in our lives. He is so much fun, he is such a good and happy baby. He makes me smile each and every day. I love you, Bryson!
The birthday cake!
I love this picture of Dallin he is so amazed that Bryson was able to tear off a piece of wrapping paper! He and Camden were both so excited for Bryson's party!
Dallin helping Bryson, I love that Bryson is looking right at him. They are such good brothers!
Dallin is reading the story to Bryson as Cam looks on! I can't believe these are my three amazing little boys!
One of Bryson's new toys!
Bryson loves to roll the ball back and forth. It is so cute, so Dallin and Camden gave this ball to the little man!
Checking out his cake, of course he reaches right for the candle!
What is on my hand?
Oh, I see, that does taste good!
Bryson was so funny eating his cake. He would take little pieces and put them in his mouth. Neil had to break up his cupcake so he would eat more than the frosting.
Look mom, my hands are messy! I love it!
Another shot of his messy hands.
Double handed bite!
As you can see, Bryson really didn't get messy at all, and he ended up eating most of the cupcake. What a good birthday boy! Even better, he slept all night and even slept until 8:00am! I think I should start feeding him a cupcake every night before bed!
This is the toy Neil and I got for Bryson for his first birthday! Nice slam little man!
It is hard to think of toys we don't already have!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Neil and I were able to go to Cancun Mexico over Valentine's Day this year. It was a company trip for meeting his sales goal for 2009. I honestly was hoping we weren't going to have to go on the trip. I know that may sound terrible, but I thought Bryson was too young to leave! Neil talked me into going, and my mom was nice enough to watch the boys while we were gone. I called everyday and they did great! Bryson was "good as gold" my mom said!

I bought some sunscreen that was just for faces, it came in a little tube with a roller. It worked pretty good and was easy to apply, or so I thought..........

As you can see, poor Neil had a much harder time using the sunscreen. You can see every place he got and every spot he missed. It was so hard to laugh every time I looked at him. He is such a good sport it took it very well, because the whole group had a good laugh at his expense.

This is Neil and I at dinner one night!

Chichen Itza (Mayan Ruins) It was very interesting to see all of this, it always amazes me the things they were able to build with nothing!
Neil, Jack and Barry trying on some leather duds!
What a stud!

At the hotel lobby!
Turtle in the lobby of the hotel, I thought the boys would like to see them!

We bought the boys Nacho Libre masks! We even bought Neil on too, so they all put on the masks and wrestle, it is pretty funny. I need to get a picture of all three of them, but I just had one of Cam!

Visitor in the shower!

Holy Cow, I thought January went by pretty fast, but what the heck happened to February? I am certainly not complaining that February is gone, I am just behind on a few things! In the beginning of February, Bryson learned a new trick!
I don't have a door on my shower, there is a little step and then there is the wall! (So I certainly can't explain very well, check at the following pictures and you will see what I am talking about.) Bryson's discovery was that isn't hard to climb over the step and get in mom's shower. One morning Dallin was "watching" Bryson in the front room while I had a quick shower. I heard that cute little voice and his hands and feet crawling across the floor in my bathroom. Sure enough here he comes with his big smile.
It wasn't very long before he was trying to join me! Here I am soaking wet and trying to keep him from crawling in with his P.J.'s! I hollered at Dallin to come and get him, then realizing I really don't want Dallin to come in while I am showering. So I set Bryson out of the shower, and then told Dallin to hurry while I tried to hide myself against the wall! Anyway it was quite funny at the time. He loves to play in the shower, so here a few pictures I took of him.
See the smile I was talking about, who could resist that?
Crawling all over the place!
Dallin looking on, this is the wall I was hiding behind!
I was having a crazy morning, and Bryson was ready for his bottle, so Camden was so nice to help me and feed Bryson his bottle. Camden kept telling me, mom I have a big baby on me!
It was pretty cute, and I think he was very proud of himself for being such a good helper!