Monday, March 1, 2010


Neil and I were able to go to Cancun Mexico over Valentine's Day this year. It was a company trip for meeting his sales goal for 2009. I honestly was hoping we weren't going to have to go on the trip. I know that may sound terrible, but I thought Bryson was too young to leave! Neil talked me into going, and my mom was nice enough to watch the boys while we were gone. I called everyday and they did great! Bryson was "good as gold" my mom said!

I bought some sunscreen that was just for faces, it came in a little tube with a roller. It worked pretty good and was easy to apply, or so I thought..........

As you can see, poor Neil had a much harder time using the sunscreen. You can see every place he got and every spot he missed. It was so hard to laugh every time I looked at him. He is such a good sport it took it very well, because the whole group had a good laugh at his expense.

This is Neil and I at dinner one night!

Chichen Itza (Mayan Ruins) It was very interesting to see all of this, it always amazes me the things they were able to build with nothing!
Neil, Jack and Barry trying on some leather duds!
What a stud!

At the hotel lobby!
Turtle in the lobby of the hotel, I thought the boys would like to see them!

We bought the boys Nacho Libre masks! We even bought Neil on too, so they all put on the masks and wrestle, it is pretty funny. I need to get a picture of all three of them, but I just had one of Cam!


  1. Ok, so I couldn't stop laughing at poor Neil! That is too funny! I'm glad that you guys had a good time. By the way, I love the masks! We might need to borrow them sometime! :)

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Neil!!! hahaha. Seriously, that is awesome!