Monday, March 1, 2010

Visitor in the shower!

Holy Cow, I thought January went by pretty fast, but what the heck happened to February? I am certainly not complaining that February is gone, I am just behind on a few things! In the beginning of February, Bryson learned a new trick!
I don't have a door on my shower, there is a little step and then there is the wall! (So I certainly can't explain very well, check at the following pictures and you will see what I am talking about.) Bryson's discovery was that isn't hard to climb over the step and get in mom's shower. One morning Dallin was "watching" Bryson in the front room while I had a quick shower. I heard that cute little voice and his hands and feet crawling across the floor in my bathroom. Sure enough here he comes with his big smile.
It wasn't very long before he was trying to join me! Here I am soaking wet and trying to keep him from crawling in with his P.J.'s! I hollered at Dallin to come and get him, then realizing I really don't want Dallin to come in while I am showering. So I set Bryson out of the shower, and then told Dallin to hurry while I tried to hide myself against the wall! Anyway it was quite funny at the time. He loves to play in the shower, so here a few pictures I took of him.
See the smile I was talking about, who could resist that?
Crawling all over the place!
Dallin looking on, this is the wall I was hiding behind!
I was having a crazy morning, and Bryson was ready for his bottle, so Camden was so nice to help me and feed Bryson his bottle. Camden kept telling me, mom I have a big baby on me!
It was pretty cute, and I think he was very proud of himself for being such a good helper!

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