Friday, April 30, 2010

All the miscelleanous happenings!

Since Bryson has discovered the bowl cupboard, he loves unloading it several times a day! And yes I feel like I ever do is pick them up and put them back. One day he figured out how to put this ice cream bucket on his head all by himself. Then he would laugh at himself and do it again. I loved it! Here is the cute picture of him!
Bryson has also started to climb some things. He loves to climb up on the foot stool and sit there on his knees. I don't like it, because of course I am afraid he will fall.
This may look like a strange picture to add to this post, but since it is just a bunch of little things, I thought I should. This is the picture Camden took. When I was downloading my pictures from the camera to the computer, I found about 100 pictures that he had taken. Thank heaven for digital cameras huh? There were lots of pictures of the TV and the cartoon characters he likes, but I thought this one is kinda cute!

I already mentioned Bryson's climbing phase, but this is where he likes to hang out while I get ready in the mornings! Silly boy!
This is the boy's favorite thing to do! They love to wrestle daddy, and this time even Bryson got in on the action. I love that he already thinks he is big enough to join in, and I guess scary at the same time. Thankfully Neil is really good to be mindful about where Bryson is and how rough it is getting. A house full of boys, I have lots of years of this a head of me!

Unfortunately they don't always stop with dad, and they all attacked me as well! I am not as good at wrestling as Neil.

One last pic of Bryson, this is him finding a new little seat on this table! He is so proud of himself!

I may be prejudice, but he is pretty stinkin' cute!