Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kindergarten Program & Gymnastics Performances

Since I am so behind on posting, I really need to catch up! This is Dallin at his Kindergarten Program. He was so excited for us to come and watch him sing. He wasn't so happy about having to wear "church clothes". Little stinker! I loved that he and his friend Bridger were right on the front row and we had a perfect view of him. They sang the cutest songs, since he is my first I thought the songs were wonderful, apparently they do the same program every year.

He kept putting his hands in his pockets! What a handsome little man!

Doing some actions!

I cannot believe Dallin is already finished with Kindergarten. He had a great year, he enjoyed going to school. He loved riding the bus! I am not ready for him to be in first grade and gone ALL day long! I am already dreading it! I may be changing my mind at the end of summer though!

At the end of each year, we have "trophy day" at gymnastics. Dallin and Camden were both so excited to show us their moves! Camden had his performance first! Here he is getting ready to do a pizza table! This is his teacher "Miss Jenn".

He was so proud of himself, he would look at us after every trick he did!

Hanging upside down on the rings!

Getting ready to do a cartwheel.

Here is Camden Arzani, getting ready to receive his trophy!

I love this picture, he was so excited to show us his trophy, he even slept with the dang thing that night, ouch!

Next is Dallin's turn, he had a great year. He started off doing ok, but then they changed his teacher. Miss Jacquie took over, and boy are we glad she did. It was night and day difference. He worked so hard for her, I am sure it didn't hurt that she is so dang cute and he would do anything she asked of him! He has a pretty big crush on her! Oh dear, I better look out! This is him doing a back hand spring! He is so dang close to landing them all by himself, he doesn't even need a spot, he just doesn't land on his feet. I am very impressed he even tries, I would never dare do it!

Dallin climbed the rope, he had climbed every week in class, but he never got this far. He climbed clear to the top! He is so dang tough, I believe the ceiling is atleast 25 feet high! I think it is pretty impressive for a 6 year old. He was the only one in his class to get this high!

Then he went straight to rings, I can't imagine how tired his arms had to have been. He could flip forward, hold himself and then flip backward. That requires amazing strength, this kid is ripped. When he is laughing or something you can see his six pack. He just doesn't know how to flex it on command. You should see his biceps! That is Miss Jacquie with him!

Hanging upside down, I know not the best picture, I just wanted to show what he could do.

Here is Dallin getting ready to get his trophy!

Holding his trophy!

Dallin and Miss Jacquie

They both have a lot of fun in gymnastics, I am glad they both enjoy it so much! Good work boys!

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