Monday, September 27, 2010

First day of school

I couldn't believe it was already time for school to start. I was not ready for Dallin to be gone to school all day long. He was pretty excited, but I really wasn't. (I was surprised at myself.) Ready or not the day did come! Well the night before school started, Neil gave Dallin a father's blessing. We were going to wait to give one to Camden when his school started, since it was still one week away. Well as soon as Dallin's was over, Camden announced it was his turn, so Neil went ahead and gave him his blessing. Then, as soon as Camden's was over, Bryson walked up to the chair and put his hands up, it was his turn. Neil sat him down and he immediately folded his arms. It was the sweetest thing! How could I be such a lucky mom and have 3 amazing, dang cute and energetic boys! I love it!
Now, Dallin is a picky eater, I can't imagine where he might get it from, he he, but he is picky. So the first day of school they were scheduled to have ham sandwiches. I told him, and he said, what if they don't have the right Mayo. He means, mayo, not miracle whip. He was really worried about lunch, but he didn't want to take cold lunch on the first day. He took the bus to school, but I met him there and walked him to his class. I don't know why I didn't take my camera there, but I didn't. Thankfully Trisha took a picture of him at his desk, but I haven't gotten it from her yet. So after I dropped him off, I had to have a good cry on the way home. I was really worried, he wouldn't like lunch and that he would be starving since he doesn't get home until 3:30. I worried all day, I couldn't wait for 3:30 to come, it was such a long day for me. We all walked down and met him at his bus stop. I asked if they had mayo, he said they didn't even have that they had burritos. How were they, I asked. Not good, their beans were gross. Then I asked if he had chocolate milk, he said yes, but it was gross too, it doesn't taste like mine. I thought I was going to die laughing. He kills me, I told him he needs to use a straw and then it will taste better. He won't listen and every time he has hot lunch, he doesn't get a drink and tells me how thirsty he is at lunch.
Here are Dallin's pictures before school. They always have to do something with their hands.
What a big FIRST grader!

Check out my back pack!

One week later it was Camden's turn to start school. He was very excited the night before and picked out his clothes and had his back pack ready. Then around 7:30 that morning he woke up crying saying he didn't want to go to school. He said he was scared, and he didn't want to go. Dallin tried to help him, and said but you get wear your new school shirt. He looked at him and said, that is not a school shirt, that is a home shirt. Where do they come up with this stuff? I told him not worry about it, he didn't need to go for a while. So he finally got ready, and luckily he goes to preschool with his best bed, Jackson. I followed Sheri to school and they walked in together, that helped him tremendously.

Bryson didn't want to be left out of the picture taking, so here they both are.
See the hand thing? It must be a boy thing!
He thinks he looks "totally wicked". I love it!
Here is Camden's back pack!
I can't believe he is already in Pre-school!
Here he is at his Pre-school. It is called the Little Red Preschool.
Here he is with his friend Jackson.

Yes, I had to cry on the way home after dropping him off as well. I couldn't wait to pick him up either! He said he had a great day. I was very relieved.

You gotta love the fair!

Okay, maybe everyone doesn't love the County Fair, but I sure do. This is the first year that I can remember we didn't make it to the parade. We have always gone, but it just didn't work out this time. We went to the fair, and started riding rides since everyone else was still at the parade and the lines were short. Here is Camden, Quade and Dallin on the dragon ride.

Dallin getting on his horse.

Bryson on his horse, he loved the Merry-go-Round.
And here is Mr. Camden.
Quade, Savannah and Dallin on the Ferris Wheel. I am sure glad Savannah likes to go on these rides with the boys. It sure makes our lives easier.
Grandpa entertaining Bryson while the kids rode rides.
This year, Dallin wanted to go on the fast rides. I guess he is already outgrowing this stuff, that makes me sad.
Savannah, Quade, and Dallin went on the scrambler two times in a row. Then they headed to the spaceship 2000, which spins as well!
Dallin was going to go on this ride with Bryson, but decided he just couldn't do it. I was glad Savannah took Bryson, because I was worried he would try and stand up. He didn't though, he loved having the steering wheel to play with.
Here is Camden and Quade on the motorcycles.
Here is Dallin and Dad watching them. I love this picture!
This is what happened to Dallin right after this ride. I guess that many spinning rides, did him in. I wouldn't have been able to make it through any of them! He is sound asleep and he stayed that way the rest of the night!

Camden and Quade check out the cows.
Daddy helps Bryson pet the cow. He wasn't so sure about the cows, but he loved looking at the rabbits and chickens.
We had a great time at the Fair, can't wait for next year!


In August we went to Austin Texas with all of Neil's family. His cousin Clint was getting married. We rented a big condo and we all stayed in it. It was so much fun! We went out on Lake Austin, this is Camden driving the boat for Uncle Randy.

Rock on!
Neil and Bryson having a good time.
This is Dallin and Antonio out on the tube.
Almost asleep......
and he is out!
And then Camden was out! I guess we wore them out.
Now it is Dallin's turn to drive, but first he and Randy had to pick their noses!

While we were in Texas Dallin lost his first tooth! He was so excited, he couldn't wait to lose a tooth. A lot of his friends had already lost several of their teeth and he was beginning to think he was never going to lose any.
There is the hole!
Here are the Arzani boys with Grandma Jo after the wedding.
Bryson spiked a fever the day of the wedding. I felt horrible, but I didn't think we should stay home and miss the wedding and reception. Here is Bryson snuggling with his daddy. I knew just how sick he was, because the entire reception he sat on someone's lap. He NEVER does that, he can't sit still for a minute it seems.
Here is Dallin and Camden watching their wedding video, I thought it was so cute! They made themselves comfortable.

Bryan and Mel's family picture.

Camden wanted Neil to take more pictures of him, so here he is, striking a pose.
Here is Dallin and Bryson dancing. As we were getting ready to leave, I put Bryson down to gather all of our stuff, and he went straight to the dance floor and danced. Dallin and Camden were dancing the entire time, they had a blast.
Here we are with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick. I think this picture turned out great!

Thanks Arzani's and Fenimore's for an amazing trip, we lots of fun and tons of laughs. I can't wait for Branson next year!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toby Keith

Neil and I have been lucky enough to get some concert tickets from his work. This is the first one we went to, it was Trace Atkins and Toby Keith. This picture didn't turn out that great, in large due to the fact there was a fingerprint on my lens!

We went with our good friends Chad and Sheri Ricks.

Here is Trace Atkins singing, we had great seats! We were probably 30 feet from the stage. It was a lot of fun.

Toby Keith came out on this truck up top, or so you thought and then the back end of the truck backed out of the box and he crawled out of it. I thought it was cool that he sat there and sang a few songs.

For the oncore Toby came out and sang, and then Trace came and sang with him. It was really good. I really enjoyed the music, though they had lots, and I mean lots of pictures of barely dressed girls on the screens behind the singers. It was a bit too much for me.