Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camping with Bryan and Mel...

Bryan and Melanie and their four kids, Marie, Sal, Dante and Antonio came to visit us in August. We were very excited for their visit, my boys couldn't wait. Their kids were so good my little boys, it is so fun to get together with cousins and watch them have such a good time. Bryan and Mel brought a couple of bikes with them and so we decided to go camping. We were able to sleep all 11 of us in our motor home. I told you there was extra room! We put Bryson in our bed, since that is where he ends up anyway. Dante and Marie on the bunks, Sal and Camden on the couch bed, Dallin and Antonio on the table bed and Bryan and Mel took the bunk above the cab. All in all we slept pretty dang good and had a blast. We did tons of riding "in the mountains". It was awesome and no accidents, even better!
Here we are eating dinner!

Nothing gets past Bryson, he knows where the chocolate chip cookies are!

Antonio and Dallin getting ready to ride.
All of us on the trail.
Bryan, Bryson and Marie, she did a great job of holding him behind the driver all weekend. It was very nice not to have to drive one handed and hang on to him, especially in all those rocky spots!
Taking a break!
Not only brothers, but best of friends! Bryan and Neil
And here is my little man, Dallin.
Here is Dallin cruising on the trails, he is such a good rider. I am very impressed with him.
After riding we would come home extremely dusty and there certainly wasn't enough water for everyone to shower after each ride. The kids would go clean off in the river. Brrrrr! It was 100 degrees that weekend so they said the water felt good. I took their word for it! Here is Sal, Dallin, Antonio, and Dante. They would go all the way under, CRAZY!
This was close enough for Camden, he doesn't enjoy getting cold.
Dallin, Camden, Mel, Sal and Dante
This is Dallin going under, Dante is helping him and Mel stood behind so he wouldn't float away. She is a much better sport than I am. I just stood on the bank and took pictures! Thanks Mel!
Like father, like son. Bryson talking on Neil's phone, Hello?
It was a fun trip and I am so glad they made the long journey and came out to stay with us!

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