Monday, September 13, 2010

Fishing with Grandpa

One night when Neil came home from work, he said he wanted to drive to Las Vegas to see his brother speak at a convention the next day. He would stay one night and then come back home. I told him that I thought it was kinda dumb to drive that far for just one evening with his brother. He of course didn't see it my way and so he went to visit his brother. I am sure that he was going to Vegas had no bearing on his decision.

I thought, well hey if he isn't going to be home tonight, I may as well go up to Black Smith Fork with my parents and take the boys fishing. They thought it was a wonderful idea as well! So we went and picked up hot dogs for dinner and we were off!

Now Neil is not a very good fisherman, in fact he pretty much stinks. It is the on going joke in the family. So my boys were very excited to fish with Grandpa, because then they get to catch fish!

Here they are with Grandma.

Dallin with his fishing pole.

Camden, that is quite the face he is pulling.

The happy fisherman!

What a cutie!

They decided to wade, so Grandpa went in first to help the boys, by the look on his face, I'd say the water is pretty cold!

Grandpa helping Cam.

My dang battery died in my camera, after all of this fun, they caught their fish. They each got to reel in a couple of fish. When Grandpa told Cam they needed to quit fishing so he could fix some dinner, Cam said but I don't want to eat, so we can keep fishing. Gotta love it!

So since Neil wasn't home I was in no big hurry to get home either. I left about 7:30 and headed home. As soon as I got out of the canyon I turned on my cell phone to see if Neil had left a message saying he had made it. He left a message alright, but it said the car died. I think the engine is gone, I am stuck in Beaver. I felt horrible, he had left that message 4 hours earlier. I hurried and called him, and he said one of the mechanics was driving him home. I couldn't believe he would take the time to do that, but I was certainly grateful. Then Neil stopped in West Jordan or somewhere down that way to get something to eat. They were eating and Nate Rackham called Neil and said I am looking at you! As luck would have it, they had stopped to eat at the same place and they were on their way back to Brigham, so they brought him the rest of the way home. I had to rub it in, if he just would have listened to me the car would have died somewhere much much closer and he wouldn't have been stranded! That good ole Camry had 280,000 miles on it, so I guess we got our use. Then we started looking for a new car!

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