Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Madison River

On the road again, just can't wait..... OK so we are off again. This time we are going camping at the Madison River. It is outside of West Yellowstone. This is a trip that Neil and I haven't gone on since we were first married. This is mainly a fishing trip for my dad, brother-in-law and Josh. Neil is not a fisherman as has been previously established, so we just haven't made this trip. This year, my mom and sister said the kids have so much fun on this trip. It is very relaxing and the kids ride their bikes all day. I asked Neil if we could please go, he agreed when my mom told him he would have cell coverage because they had just put up a cell tower right across the river where we camped. The only reason he agreed to go was the cell coverage. Funny thing was as soon as we got off of the main road, he no longer had coverage, the rest of us did, but not Neil's phone, (dang T-mobile). I forgot my charger, so he had to borrow my brother's phone all week so he could check in at work.
Here are the kids as we are driving down the road. As you can see I didn't do a very good job of keeping them buckled this trip. They were watching out the window for slug bugs, PT Cruiser, Bruisers etc. They were also smiling and waving to see how many people they could get to wave back. They had fun!
Camden, Dallin, Tessia, and Bryson sound asleep.
I threw this picture in to show you what Neil does every morning while I get up with the kids, lucky duck!
Once Neil was awake and he found out how things were going at work, he would play with the boys. I certainly can't complain! This is Neil and Camden they built a monster truck track. It was pretty cool, Camden had to build a big road to go to Iowa so he could visit Grandma Kathy, what a sweetheart.
Here he is, sitting in the truck's house! It took about 6 pictures to even get this one. When you ask Cam to look at you so you can take his picture, he looks for about 1/2 second and then goes right back to doing whatever he was doing. We have decided he lives in Camden world most of the time.
Bryson had fun playing with the trucks as well!
This is what Dallin, Quade and Tanner did most of the week. He had a blast! He also improved him jumping skills tremendously.
Nice air, stud!
Neil would take Bryson for rides on his bike. He loved it, sometimes if Camden wanted to go and Bryson had to stay home, he would be heartbroken.
Here is my little warrior, don't get worried I do feed him it just doesn't look like it!
Bryson on his bike!
Uncle Josh helping Bryson jump, he loved it!
He melts my heart, can he be any cuter?
Here is Bryson helping Grandpa chop wood!
Here is a video of Dallin jumping. At the beginning of the week, they would jump this with the ramps pushed together as you can see in the earlier picture. By the end of the week, Dallin had two logs under the jump to make it higher and the jumps were about 3 feet apart. As you can see in the video, he even clears the landing ramp. It scared me to death to watch, but I couldn't not watch either.

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  1. Looks like it was alot of fun!! Glad you got to go! And, no, I don't think Bryson could get any cuter.....actually all your boys will be melting lots of girls hearts!