Monday, September 13, 2010

School's Out!

Yeah, the last day of school as arrived! Here is Mr. Dallin already for his last day of being a kindergartner! I can't believe how fast time goes.
I live in the best neighborhood. I feel very blessed to live where we do, my kids have lots of good kids to play with, what can be better? My neighborhood is also great at doing some parties. This is the 2nd School's out party. My friend Sheri Ricks puts this together, she is amazing. We had a banner for the bus to drive through when the kids were dropped off!
Since our kids go to two different schools. There were 3 different drop off times, so Laurie made 3 enormous signs, what dedication! Here we are ready for the bus to drive through.

Driving through, yeah, here come the Kindergartners!
Dallin getting off the bus.
Dallin, Bridger and Kiersten
Here is my handsome boy!
All the kids eating lunch!

Bryson having a turn in the bounce house!
Ryan and Bryson, they loved it!
It is such a fun party, the kids have lunch, they play games, there is usually a water fight and lots of running around. Thanks Sheri for your hard work, we loved it!

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