Monday, September 27, 2010


In August we went to Austin Texas with all of Neil's family. His cousin Clint was getting married. We rented a big condo and we all stayed in it. It was so much fun! We went out on Lake Austin, this is Camden driving the boat for Uncle Randy.

Rock on!
Neil and Bryson having a good time.
This is Dallin and Antonio out on the tube.
Almost asleep......
and he is out!
And then Camden was out! I guess we wore them out.
Now it is Dallin's turn to drive, but first he and Randy had to pick their noses!

While we were in Texas Dallin lost his first tooth! He was so excited, he couldn't wait to lose a tooth. A lot of his friends had already lost several of their teeth and he was beginning to think he was never going to lose any.
There is the hole!
Here are the Arzani boys with Grandma Jo after the wedding.
Bryson spiked a fever the day of the wedding. I felt horrible, but I didn't think we should stay home and miss the wedding and reception. Here is Bryson snuggling with his daddy. I knew just how sick he was, because the entire reception he sat on someone's lap. He NEVER does that, he can't sit still for a minute it seems.
Here is Dallin and Camden watching their wedding video, I thought it was so cute! They made themselves comfortable.

Bryan and Mel's family picture.

Camden wanted Neil to take more pictures of him, so here he is, striking a pose.
Here is Dallin and Bryson dancing. As we were getting ready to leave, I put Bryson down to gather all of our stuff, and he went straight to the dance floor and danced. Dallin and Camden were dancing the entire time, they had a blast.
Here we are with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick. I think this picture turned out great!

Thanks Arzani's and Fenimore's for an amazing trip, we lots of fun and tons of laughs. I can't wait for Branson next year!

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