Monday, September 13, 2010

A visit from Grandma Kathy

Grandma Kathy decided she needed to come and visit. We were thrilled, the boys absolutely love it when she comes to visit. We decided to take the kids to Temple Square. I am ashamed to admit, I hadn't ever taken my boys there before. I have certainly taken that for granted. They were so excited to see where mommy and daddy were married. It was so fun taking them to the visitors center as well. They loved seeing the Christus. Here is a beautiful picture of it with us!

At the Temple grounds!

They are boys right? Of course they couldn't keep their hands out of the water.
Here is Grandma Kathy with the three boys, such a good picture! The boys were really excited to see several of the brides that were out. It was a neat day for all of us!

Another family shot.
I am so excited we will be having a temple right here in Brigham City. It will be so fun watching the construction and seeing it all come together. I am especially excited for the open house, to take the boys inside so they can see what it is like inside the temple. Dallin already is saying he wants to get married in the Brigham Temple. He is such a sweetheart!

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  1.'ve been busy blogging lately! Good job! I love the temple square post, the pics are awesome. (We've never taken Jackson and we need to do it too.)