Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flag Football 2010

I have to admit, I love watching my kids playing sports. I think it is so fun, I just love it! This was Dallin's second year playing flag football. Neil was his coach again, and they both loved it. It certainly was a little tougher this year to watch because Bryson is all over the place. A half hour before each game they practice. During practice before one game, Camden wanted to roll down the hill, so he was rolling down the hill. Pretty soon I see him waddling towards me with his arms stretched out and I could see water dripping off of him. He said I rolled into the mud! I asked why he didn't stop when he saw the mud puddle, he informed me his eyes were shut. Well that explains it, this is what he looked like, it was quite a chilly day, so I had to run him home and change him. I hurried as fast as I could, I even left the dried mud on his back so I could get back before the game started.

I didn't quite make it before the game started and as soon as I got there, Dallin came up to tell him I had missed his touchdown! He did a quarterback sneak and scored, yeah! I just wish the darn coach would have called that play after I was back. (Just teasing Neil!) Neil did buy my new camera, so I was hoping for some good action shots. It turns out I really need to learn how to use the camera. I did get some cute pictures though. I love this one of Neil and Dallin.

Here is Dallin showing the coach his hands are up and ready to pull some flags!
Thanks Uncle Brett for sharing your drink, he claims it was down to ice and he wouldn't get much diet coke! However at the next game, Bryson would walk around and try to drink everyone else's drinks!
Here is Dallin handing off the ball. He played quarterback most of the games, he did a great job at handing off the ball. They got really good at a sneak play, Dallin would hand it to one kid, and then he would hand it to someone else and they would both run in opposite directions. They were good at holding their hands like they had the ball. Then when the kid who didn't have the ball would get his flag pulled, they would laugh! It was awesome!
I am not sure what he is laughing about,
but I love the smile on his face!
Another hand off! I love that you can see he is giving the ball to #6, but Jackson in the background has his hands ready, because he is the next hand off.
One my second game with my new camera I was able to figure a few things out. I thought this was a great shot of Dallin kicking the ball. He loves that he is "in the air".
They had a great season and they did not lose one game. We did have 2 ties, but zero loses. Way to go Colts! Here is their team picture.

Neil, Cameron Miser, Cade Hall, Tanner Stevens, Dallin Arzani, Jackson Thurgood, Blake Thurgood Bottom: Micah Stevens, Braxton Bateman, Bridger Ricks, Quade Simpson, and Ethan.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a day!

The last weekend in September was a busy but fun weekend for us! As I mentioned earlier, Neil and I attended the Brad Paisley concert on Friday, then on Saturday we had a ward party. We had a great time, they had inflatables and lots of games for the kids to play. They loved it, because they didn't have to have any money and they could go as many times as they wanted. Our friend Laurie Dewberry took some great pictures, she just got a new camera and these pictures turned out so good. I showed Neil the pictures and he said we need a camera like that. He is suppose to be getting me one this week. I hope so, I can't wait! I may need a photography lesson or two. Okay probably not a may, but I will need!

I don't love that I am in these pictures, but I love the look on Bryson's face. We had so much fun!

Then after the ward, party we went home, changed our clothes and headed to Salt Lake. We had tickets to the circus! We went last year and had a blast, so I decided to go again. Here are the boys enjoying their snow cones!
We bought Bryson this four wheeler, and it was a good purchase. He held that thing almost the entire night. He loves it.
Here they are watching, this is why I love to go. The look on their faces when they see something cool or exciting makes everything worth it!
Camden wanted me to get pictures of the elephants, so here are a couple pictures of them. I was too busy enjoying the circus and my kids to take very many pictures.
Bryson loved it when the elephants would come out, he would get so excited and say ohhhhhh. This is the newest elephant for the circus, this is it's mom. It was born last January or February, it is 20 months old.
We crammed a lot in that weekend, but it was so much fun, I wouldn't do it differently. I had to add in this picture of Bryson. One day Camden was playing with his Mickey, and he came and got me, telling me Night-night, and was pointing to Camden. Well Camden had gotten his Mickey out of his bed and he was playing with it. Bryson snuggles his Mickey to go to bed, so he wasn't happy. When I gave him back his Mickey, he was so happy, he gave it a big hug! It was pretty darn sweet, ever since then he likes to carry around his Mickey. He sat with it, and the sippy cup on the stool, I thought it was pretty cute.
And with that, I am all caught up on posting! Yeah!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A field trip with Camden

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to go with Camden on his first preschool field trip. He was so excited, he asked me if I could go with him. I told him I couldn't take Bryson and what would I do with him. He started suggesting lots of people that could babysit him. I asked Neil and he stayed home that morning so we could go. It was really nice to spend that one on one time with him. We had a great time. Here he is with his class, what a goofy face he is pulling.
This is both the afternoon and morning preschool kids! He is in the front kneeling down with his face down, I don't know what he is doing.

First we got to go and play, they had these big slides setup with hay bales. He had a blast!

Then we got to watch some pig races. Camden thought this was pretty cool, as soon as he got home he told his dad about the fast little pigs. After we went on a wagon ride, they drove us around their farm and talked to the kids about the vegetables they grow.
I don't know what is up with the faces he is pulling in pictures.
We stopped at a pumpkin field and Camden was able to pick a pumpkin right off the vines. He picked the first one he saw, but he did pick a good one!
Here is Camden and Jackson with their pumpkins, seriously, what is up with the faces?

Camden was able to go on a animal train ride. He loved it! It was such a fun place.
He loved these swings made of tires, cut up and put together like animals.

Ropin' like a professional.
Last but not least, the boys fed a llama before we left.
I am so grateful I get to be a stay at mom and enjoy moments like these. I am also very grateful for a husband who was willing to stay home that morning and take care of Bryson so we could have this time together. Thanks little buddy for a great day!

Gary Allen

This is the second concert Neil and I got to go to recently. We went to see Gary Allen! He is one of Neil's favorites, and I quite like him as well. This was a really good concert. I really didn't love the people that opened for him, but when Gary came to the stage, it was soooo good! This wasn't at the place where Flexpak has the suite, so our tickets weren't as good, but they weren't too bad either. We had a great time, we went with a couple of Neil's clients. We also went to Tepanyaki before for dinner and it was so good.
The lights right behind him, made getting a good picture almost impossible. This is the best one we have!
Here is a little video of the concert.

We also got to go and see Brad Paisley. We took our friends Blake and Amanda to see this one. It was at the Usana Amphitheater so it was outside and in the suite. We had great seats! The weather was perfect and the concert was really good. Darius Rucker opened for Brad, and he put on a great performance. I really enjoyed his show. Brad also put on a great show, it was just so much fun! We have had a lot of fun going to all these concerts. Neil actually went and saw KISS a few days before the Brad Paisley concert. He said he had fun with his clients, but it wasn't the best concert for sure.

Peach Days

I know I said that I love the fair, and I do, but I also love Peach days! I know call me crazy, but I think it is fun. My kids love it, and so does Neil, though I am not sure he will admit that. We always watch the Saturday morning parade in front of my mom's store. It works great, except the sun is in our eyes.
Here is Brady and Bryson watching the parade.
Bryson, Tessia, Camden, Quade and Dallin standing up for the flag.
Savannah on the Cheer leading float!
Bryson eating his popsicle, and yes he made a mess.
Camden wearing his new hat, he loved it!
Time to ride rides, the boys on the dragon ride. This year they didn't have a Merry-go-round or the scrambler, which Dallin and Quade loved at the fair. Dallin was disappointed because he thinks he is too big for the little kid rides. Seriously already too big for them, what I am going to do. I am glad he wasn't tall enough to ride the "big" rides, those look a little too scary for me!

He tried to say he didn't have fun, but I would say he had fun!
Next year, I am saying to heck with all the carni rides, and I am going to do more inflatables, they loved these! Here is Camden climbing over the wall, what a tough kid!
Dallin loved fighting with this kids, whose name was also Dallin.
He could barely hold up the thing- whatever it is called!
Camden wanted to to it as well, but he couldn't even lift the "thing". He was happy to put on the helmet though.
This was a "big kid" ride that Dallin loved, he went on by himself. There was no way I was going to ride it as well.
Dallin and Bryson riding on the truck.
Loving being able to drive!
Here is a video of Camden jamming with his frisbee hat on. This kid cracks me up!