Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flag Football 2010

I have to admit, I love watching my kids playing sports. I think it is so fun, I just love it! This was Dallin's second year playing flag football. Neil was his coach again, and they both loved it. It certainly was a little tougher this year to watch because Bryson is all over the place. A half hour before each game they practice. During practice before one game, Camden wanted to roll down the hill, so he was rolling down the hill. Pretty soon I see him waddling towards me with his arms stretched out and I could see water dripping off of him. He said I rolled into the mud! I asked why he didn't stop when he saw the mud puddle, he informed me his eyes were shut. Well that explains it, this is what he looked like, it was quite a chilly day, so I had to run him home and change him. I hurried as fast as I could, I even left the dried mud on his back so I could get back before the game started.

I didn't quite make it before the game started and as soon as I got there, Dallin came up to tell him I had missed his touchdown! He did a quarterback sneak and scored, yeah! I just wish the darn coach would have called that play after I was back. (Just teasing Neil!) Neil did buy my new camera, so I was hoping for some good action shots. It turns out I really need to learn how to use the camera. I did get some cute pictures though. I love this one of Neil and Dallin.

Here is Dallin showing the coach his hands are up and ready to pull some flags!
Thanks Uncle Brett for sharing your drink, he claims it was down to ice and he wouldn't get much diet coke! However at the next game, Bryson would walk around and try to drink everyone else's drinks!
Here is Dallin handing off the ball. He played quarterback most of the games, he did a great job at handing off the ball. They got really good at a sneak play, Dallin would hand it to one kid, and then he would hand it to someone else and they would both run in opposite directions. They were good at holding their hands like they had the ball. Then when the kid who didn't have the ball would get his flag pulled, they would laugh! It was awesome!
I am not sure what he is laughing about,
but I love the smile on his face!
Another hand off! I love that you can see he is giving the ball to #6, but Jackson in the background has his hands ready, because he is the next hand off.
One my second game with my new camera I was able to figure a few things out. I thought this was a great shot of Dallin kicking the ball. He loves that he is "in the air".
They had a great season and they did not lose one game. We did have 2 ties, but zero loses. Way to go Colts! Here is their team picture.

Neil, Cameron Miser, Cade Hall, Tanner Stevens, Dallin Arzani, Jackson Thurgood, Blake Thurgood Bottom: Micah Stevens, Braxton Bateman, Bridger Ricks, Quade Simpson, and Ethan.

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