Monday, October 4, 2010

Gary Allen

This is the second concert Neil and I got to go to recently. We went to see Gary Allen! He is one of Neil's favorites, and I quite like him as well. This was a really good concert. I really didn't love the people that opened for him, but when Gary came to the stage, it was soooo good! This wasn't at the place where Flexpak has the suite, so our tickets weren't as good, but they weren't too bad either. We had a great time, we went with a couple of Neil's clients. We also went to Tepanyaki before for dinner and it was so good.
The lights right behind him, made getting a good picture almost impossible. This is the best one we have!
Here is a little video of the concert.

We also got to go and see Brad Paisley. We took our friends Blake and Amanda to see this one. It was at the Usana Amphitheater so it was outside and in the suite. We had great seats! The weather was perfect and the concert was really good. Darius Rucker opened for Brad, and he put on a great performance. I really enjoyed his show. Brad also put on a great show, it was just so much fun! We have had a lot of fun going to all these concerts. Neil actually went and saw KISS a few days before the Brad Paisley concert. He said he had fun with his clients, but it wasn't the best concert for sure.

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