Monday, October 4, 2010

Peach Days

I know I said that I love the fair, and I do, but I also love Peach days! I know call me crazy, but I think it is fun. My kids love it, and so does Neil, though I am not sure he will admit that. We always watch the Saturday morning parade in front of my mom's store. It works great, except the sun is in our eyes.
Here is Brady and Bryson watching the parade.
Bryson, Tessia, Camden, Quade and Dallin standing up for the flag.
Savannah on the Cheer leading float!
Bryson eating his popsicle, and yes he made a mess.
Camden wearing his new hat, he loved it!
Time to ride rides, the boys on the dragon ride. This year they didn't have a Merry-go-round or the scrambler, which Dallin and Quade loved at the fair. Dallin was disappointed because he thinks he is too big for the little kid rides. Seriously already too big for them, what I am going to do. I am glad he wasn't tall enough to ride the "big" rides, those look a little too scary for me!

He tried to say he didn't have fun, but I would say he had fun!
Next year, I am saying to heck with all the carni rides, and I am going to do more inflatables, they loved these! Here is Camden climbing over the wall, what a tough kid!
Dallin loved fighting with this kids, whose name was also Dallin.
He could barely hold up the thing- whatever it is called!
Camden wanted to to it as well, but he couldn't even lift the "thing". He was happy to put on the helmet though.
This was a "big kid" ride that Dallin loved, he went on by himself. There was no way I was going to ride it as well.
Dallin and Bryson riding on the truck.
Loving being able to drive!
Here is a video of Camden jamming with his frisbee hat on. This kid cracks me up!

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