Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a day!

The last weekend in September was a busy but fun weekend for us! As I mentioned earlier, Neil and I attended the Brad Paisley concert on Friday, then on Saturday we had a ward party. We had a great time, they had inflatables and lots of games for the kids to play. They loved it, because they didn't have to have any money and they could go as many times as they wanted. Our friend Laurie Dewberry took some great pictures, she just got a new camera and these pictures turned out so good. I showed Neil the pictures and he said we need a camera like that. He is suppose to be getting me one this week. I hope so, I can't wait! I may need a photography lesson or two. Okay probably not a may, but I will need!

I don't love that I am in these pictures, but I love the look on Bryson's face. We had so much fun!

Then after the ward, party we went home, changed our clothes and headed to Salt Lake. We had tickets to the circus! We went last year and had a blast, so I decided to go again. Here are the boys enjoying their snow cones!
We bought Bryson this four wheeler, and it was a good purchase. He held that thing almost the entire night. He loves it.
Here they are watching, this is why I love to go. The look on their faces when they see something cool or exciting makes everything worth it!
Camden wanted me to get pictures of the elephants, so here are a couple pictures of them. I was too busy enjoying the circus and my kids to take very many pictures.
Bryson loved it when the elephants would come out, he would get so excited and say ohhhhhh. This is the newest elephant for the circus, this is it's mom. It was born last January or February, it is 20 months old.
We crammed a lot in that weekend, but it was so much fun, I wouldn't do it differently. I had to add in this picture of Bryson. One day Camden was playing with his Mickey, and he came and got me, telling me Night-night, and was pointing to Camden. Well Camden had gotten his Mickey out of his bed and he was playing with it. Bryson snuggles his Mickey to go to bed, so he wasn't happy. When I gave him back his Mickey, he was so happy, he gave it a big hug! It was pretty darn sweet, ever since then he likes to carry around his Mickey. He sat with it, and the sippy cup on the stool, I thought it was pretty cute.
And with that, I am all caught up on posting! Yeah!


  1. What a fun weekend! Those pics are incredible! And I must say that I am impressed that you are all caught up. I'm not quite there yet - hopefully soon!

  2. Those jam packed weekends are the best (once in a while!) I'm glad you guys had fun and I am so proud of you for getting all caught up! That picture of you and Bryson on the slide is adorable!! I'm glad that you get your camera. Yea! :)