Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

It is time to get ready for Uncle Brent and Aunt JoAnn's Halloween Party. My boys were so excited to get the invitation in the mail. I have a wonderful Aunt and Uncle that moved to Utah 2 years ago. They love Halloween and they have a party for us. They go to so much work, it is amazing, and it is so fun!
This year Camden wanted to be a ninja, he makes a pretty cute one if you ask me.
And here is my cute little monkey!
Strikin' a pose..
Dallin wanted to be something scary. He liked this costume, but it is called a demon. I didn't tell him that though. We made up that he is a Dragon Slayer that lives in a swamp, works for me! He liked it that no one could guess what he was.
The Simpson family at Brent and JoAnn's.
Tessia, Grandma, Grandpa and Brett
The Arzani's
Neil and I were "jail breakers" as Camden would say!
Showing us their cute glasses, one of the many treasures they brought home!

Our gracious hosts! Uncle Brent, the wicked chef!
Aunt JoAnn
Quade and Dallin with their vampire teeth.
Thank you Brent and JoAnn for another amazing party. We have loved being a part of your tradition. It is certainly a highlight of Halloween. Now it is time to carve some pumpkins! Neil wasn't feeling to good, so I carved pumpkins with Dallin and Camden while Bryson slept. Dallin's pumpkin was so dang thick, I wasn't sure if I could get the top off or not, but I did!
Dallin is getting slimy!
Camden takes off his lid.
After Bryson woke up, we carved his pumpkin.
Cleaning it out, he wasn't afraid to dig in!
I tried to get the faces he pulled, but I didn't exactly succeed.
Ready to go Trick-or-treating! The dang weather didn't cooperate this year, it was raining. But it did stop and we were able to go without getting too wet. Bryson thought it was very fun to pick a candy and put it in his bucket. He didn't like it when the someone else put it in his bucket, he wanted to pick his own.
What a cute bunch of rowdy boys!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Sand Dune Trip!

Each October we head to the sand dunes for our last camping outing of the year. I love this trip, the weather is usually decent, it isn't too crowded and it is lots of fun. This year was just that, it was in the 70's every day, you can't beat that! I didn't take too many pictures and I didn't take any when we were out riding. I didn't dare get sand on my camera. I should have taken the old one but I didn't!
Camden went on a ride with Neil on his four wheeler, and Dallin rode his. It was the first trip to the sand dunes that Dallin was able to ride with his paddle tires. He loved it, there wasn't much he couldn't get up. He thought that was pretty cool. Neil stopped to help Dallin and Camden decided to climb off of the four wheeler and he burned his leg on the pipe! Ouch, we got a good owie. We had it all bandaged up for the weekend. As you can see my kids stayed so clean this trip!

The kids are always sandy, but it was weird this trip, it was dusty, sandy. They were so gritty, it was gross. Dallin decided he wanted to take his motorcycle and ride it without the training wheels. Well the night before we left we realized the battery was ruined. So Neil and Josh tried to get is started by pulling it around with the four wheeler. They could not get is started, bummer I even registered the dang thing just for this trip. Well some of Neil's customers came and he went to help them get their trailer parked. Josh looked up and saw that he had taken off on the four wheeler, but the motorcycle was still attached. He was dragging the dang thing. I am sure it doesn't sound too funny reading it, but we laughed about this all weekend. The funniest part was Ernie's reaction. I have never seen him laughing so hard. He had some funny comments, but he couldn't even tell us what they were because he was laughing so hard.
Well the next day, the motorcycle started! So I guess getting pulled through the sand was just what it needed. Here is Neil taking Bryson for a ride. He loves to go out on rides, if anyone is getting on a bike he walks over with his arms up.

Bryson is taking his turn at fixing the motorcycle.

There was a big hole dug behind our camp and the boys loved to play in it. The bad thing they came out so dirty. I don't think the picture does justice to their faces. They looked like zombies all weekend because of the white dust that covered their faces. Dallin's hair almost looked blond and Camden's looked grey!
I guess I shouldn't wonder why he is so dirty, huh???
Neil looks so good riding the bike!
Here is Mr. Dallin he took right off and rode! He did great, what a little stud!

This was Bryson's favorite spot to sit in the trailer, it was just perfect for him. Apparently Mylie wants in.
I couldn't take it anymore, I had to bath the kids. Bryson was first, then Camden, but poor Dallin when he got in, we ran out of water. I think something must have happened when we filled it, I don't think we could have gone through that much water. Even more poor me, I was so looking forward to a shower the next morning! I did get this cute picture of Bubs in the tub!
We had a great trip, lots of fun and good memories. We did have a few wrecks this time though, thankfully no one was hurt. Neil's clients wrecked first so we blamed them for starting it all, hahaha. Then I tipped over and I had Camden with me. We all had helmets on and it was a good thing. I was going down a steep hill and I was trying not to go into the weeds on the left. My tires caught in the soft sand and over we went. The bike was coming over on top of us, but I was able to get my legs up and hold it off of us until Neil got there to help. He was right by us, so it was only a few seconds. The handle bars were resting right on Cam's helmet. Neither of us were hurt, thankfully. Josh was watching us, and was there right after. It took three guys to get it back up. The dang four wheeler weighs 600 pounds, and they were having to push it up hill to get it on it's wheels. Then about 5 minutes later, my dad rolled his four wheeler. His four wheeler ended upside down. He wasn't hurt too bad either, though he still has a sore shoulder. We were grateful no one was seriously hurt, it is scary to see some one go down. All and all it was fun and we can't wait for next year!