Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

It is time to get ready for Uncle Brent and Aunt JoAnn's Halloween Party. My boys were so excited to get the invitation in the mail. I have a wonderful Aunt and Uncle that moved to Utah 2 years ago. They love Halloween and they have a party for us. They go to so much work, it is amazing, and it is so fun!
This year Camden wanted to be a ninja, he makes a pretty cute one if you ask me.
And here is my cute little monkey!
Strikin' a pose..
Dallin wanted to be something scary. He liked this costume, but it is called a demon. I didn't tell him that though. We made up that he is a Dragon Slayer that lives in a swamp, works for me! He liked it that no one could guess what he was.
The Simpson family at Brent and JoAnn's.
Tessia, Grandma, Grandpa and Brett
The Arzani's
Neil and I were "jail breakers" as Camden would say!
Showing us their cute glasses, one of the many treasures they brought home!

Our gracious hosts! Uncle Brent, the wicked chef!
Aunt JoAnn
Quade and Dallin with their vampire teeth.
Thank you Brent and JoAnn for another amazing party. We have loved being a part of your tradition. It is certainly a highlight of Halloween. Now it is time to carve some pumpkins! Neil wasn't feeling to good, so I carved pumpkins with Dallin and Camden while Bryson slept. Dallin's pumpkin was so dang thick, I wasn't sure if I could get the top off or not, but I did!
Dallin is getting slimy!
Camden takes off his lid.
After Bryson woke up, we carved his pumpkin.
Cleaning it out, he wasn't afraid to dig in!
I tried to get the faces he pulled, but I didn't exactly succeed.
Ready to go Trick-or-treating! The dang weather didn't cooperate this year, it was raining. But it did stop and we were able to go without getting too wet. Bryson thought it was very fun to pick a candy and put it in his bucket. He didn't like it when the someone else put it in his bucket, he wanted to pick his own.
What a cute bunch of rowdy boys!


  1. Great costumes! It looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. I'm so jealous that you guys get to go to my parent's for the Halloween party. Wish I could go! I'm glad you guys have fun. I loved all of your costumes. Bryson is the cutest little thing!