Friday, December 3, 2010

Wrestling Season

Dallin was very excited for wrestling season to begin, and so were Neil and I. We both love the sport and have a blast watching it. We went to a couple of meets in Logan. They don't keep score at those, but they are good practice. I love the tough look on Dallin's face.

Dallin loves this picture, because you can see they are still falling in it.

Pinning his kid! On these matches, if they pin the kid, they let them up and continue wrestling. Poor kid was pinned three times. (Go Dallin!)

Way to go Stud!Getting ready for his match, we love this picture!

One night we watched the wrestling videos, as soon as we turned it off. Bryson put his hands up to his face and came running at me, he has learned already! I love it! Here are our three boys in their wrestling stances.

He is a little fighter, that's for sure!

We went to the Layton tournament. Dallin was very excited, because this one they keep score and they earn medals! The competition was a bit more tougher at this tournament. Dallin did great, but since Neil was in charge of pictures and coaching, he didn't take as many pictures. I got them all on video though, so no biggy! I love Dallin in his singlet, he looks so tough!

Dallin won all of his matches, he was very excited to get a 1st place medal. We were pretty happy for him too! Dallin's good friend Bridger wrestles as well. They both took first!
Here is Dallin with his medal, he was embarrassed we were taking a picture of just him.

The next weekend was the Weber Tournament. I love this picture of all three of my boys!

Bryson in his wrestling stance.

Warming up with dad! He is a little out numbered, I am thinking in a couple of years he is going to be in big trouble with all three getting him.

Dallin going for the take down!

Dallin won his first match, he lost the second one. He got caught in a head lock. Neil felt really bad, because he hadn't shown him how to not get caught it one. Dallin was pretty upset that he lost, it was his first lose this season. He did awesome though and came back and pinned his third match. He took 2nd at this tournament.

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