Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Candy Making Attempt!

My Grandma Rader always made caramel every Christmas. I used to go out to her house and she would help me make a couple of batches. She has been gone for almost 2 years now and we all miss her so much. Last year Brady came to my house and we made a couple of batches. His batch didn't turn out the best, because he kept scraping the sides of the pan.
We were determined not to have that happen this year. Brady was so careful not to stir the sides of the pan, he also didn't stir the bottom at all either. The first batch turned out quite burnt and hard as a rock, literally. Brady took that pan outside and busted out all he could. There was still a chunk left in the bottom of the pan. The second batch I stirred, but it was still going quite dark. I ran to the store and bought more cream, I was determined to have one good batch.
I was thinking maybe my candy thermometer wasn't working so I tested the third batch, and poured it out way before it was at the right temperature. The color was a lot better, and I thought it was going to be perfect. It wasn't exactly, it is edible, but still pretty dang hard.
This picture shows the three batches, that chunk left was the first disaster.
Brady wasn't about to throw away even the burnt stuff. He broke it out and put it in a baggy.
This is how dark and hard it is!
This is the second batch, Brady is holding this, and it isn't even in a pan! How sad for our caramels!
I had heard you aren't suppose to make caramels if it is cloudy, I thought that was the biggest crock of crap! Apparently it is true, we made our "caramels" on a day that was extremely cloudy, not a spot of blue sky or sun could be seen. I believe we have learned our lesson and hopefully next years candy making experience will be much better. At least we had a great time while we cooked and we laughed pretty hard at our turnout!

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  1. Now you have me all worried to even think about trying caramel! Eek! My boys would be so jealous of your jazz night, that sounds like so much fun!