Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chrismas Morning!

I don't know if there is anything better than Christmas morning. I absolutely love it! I am so excited for Christmas morning, I can hardly sleep. While I was growing up, we were able to get my parents up at 5:00 am! My kids haven't grasped that concept yet, to Neil's delight and my disappointment. They finally woke up this year at 7:00, I was so happy to hear Dallin's footsteps in the hall.

I am so mad at myself that I didn't take a picture of the front room before they started opening. That darn Santa must have overloaded his sleigh this year and decided to unload at our house. Wow, did we have tons of presents!

Bryson was a lot of fun this year. He walked in a found this fourwheeler by his stack of presents! He loved it, he sat on it while he opened several presents.

Dallin knew that he wanted to open his biggest present first, because he thought for sure it would be his guitar, and he was right!

Camden asked Santa for a dragon boat and a big foot. I guess most people hadn't heard of this toy, because everyone was surprised by what he would say.
Bryson also got a Dance Star Mickey, he quite liked it, here is everyone dancing with it.

I love the smiles on their faces!

Dallin also wanted a Cyclaws and here it is, this car really moves fast. It will be a lot of fun when we can get it outside.

Dallin is a very thoughtful kid. Earlier in December he needed new socks, when Neil helped him open them, he told Dallin that his favorite thing is to get new socks. Dallin came to tell me he had the perfect gift for Dad, new socks!

I had a little surprise up my sleeve. Neil has wanted a new TV for a long time. I thought it would be fun to get it for him for christmas as a big surprise. I had Josh go with me to get it, and he stored it as his house until a few days before Christmas. I had him bring it up here while both boys were at school, so they wouldn't spoil my surprise. I sent Neil on a scavenger hunt to find his present, his first clue was wrapped in a tie box, I am so clever!

The second clue was under his bed.

Third clue was down in our food storage.

The fourth and final clue was under the poinsetta.

This took him to our unfinished theater room. He was pretty happy!

After all the presents were opened the boys started playing. Bryson rode on his fourwheeler, but he wanted to give Mickey a ride. I am impressed with how well he rides it.

Dallin playing us a "song".

Shocker of the world I didn't get one of Camden playing with his toys, he was too busy checking everything out. We had an amazing Christmas. I forgot to mention that my parents and Brett stayed at our house for Christmas morning. They told me to enjoy Christmas morning, because it doesn't last forever. I told them they should just come and have Christmas with us. They were reluctant at first, not wanting to intrude. We are sure glad they came, we had so much fun.

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