Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas

Christmas is so exciting! I love the excitement and anticipation of what is coming. I just love everything about Christmas, lets be honest. I love shopping and planning and preparing!
For Christmas Eve we keep it pretty simple, we have soups in bread bowls, play a game and of course the nativity. This year my mom brought a game called "hot reindeer". You had to pass the reindeer around the circle while the music played, if it stopped while you had it, you are out. It was lots of fun!
Derek and I made it the last two! Neil snapped this picture just in time, as he launched the poor reindeer at my face. He won, the turkey!
Bryson was very taken with this game, he however could not play, because when he got it, he did not to pass it around. He just wanted to check it out!
Then comes time for the reenactment of the Birth of our Savior. I would love to tell you how neat it was and how the spirit was very strong. Instead I have to be honest, and tell of the laughs and the good time that we had. Here is one of the cutest Shepard's ever seen!

And then there is such a handsome Joseph.
What nativity would be complete without the donkey, yes the donkey. Camden was telling us for several days before Christmas Eve that he wanted to be the donkey that carried in Mary. I am certainly glad we had this on video. The donkey "carrying" Savannah was absolutely hysterical. And who could not laugh with this face making hee haw noises?????

Spiritual, unfortunately no, but definatly unforgettable! Here is our rowdy nativity actors!

After everyone leaves, it is time to open one present picked by me, I wonder what they could be???

Ready for bed?? Probably not, but we will pretend! What a handsome group of boys. I love them so much. I can't wait for morning!
My parents always give us a Christmas book each year. This year they did recordable books from Hallmark. They recorded the Christmas story for each of family. It is really neat to have their voices read the story. This is the book we used for bedtime tonight of course. My kids just loved it.
Saying goodnight and thank you to grandma and grandpa!
We will see you in the morning! I can't wait ~ hehe

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