Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love basketball!

This is the first year Dallin has been old enough to play basketball. He was so excited, and since I love to watch basketball so was I! (OK I guess there really hasn't been too many sports I don't like to watch, especially if my kids are playing them!) He was a little nervous for his first game, but he did great and even scored a basket, I was happy for him. We were lucky enough to have Quade and Bridger on the team. He likes to have friends on his team.

He shoots!

I love this, he is throwing in the ball, I don't think any of the kids stay behind the line.

Getting a steal!

Go team!

Dribbling down the court.

Two fans, and aren't they cute? This is Savannah with Bryson.

Team picture on their last game.

They played really well, they only lost one game, though if you ask Dallin they won all of them, except the one they tied. Dallin scored at least one basket in each of the games, and I was proud of him. He loved to play, and that is what matters!

I had to throw in a couple of extra pictures, because they were so cute not to put in the blog! Bryson with his "vampire" teeth.

Camden is such a turkey when it comes to bed time. He always wants daddy to snuggle him in order for him to go to sleep. One night, he kept coming out, and didn't want to go to bed. He was mad we didn't let him stay up, so he said fine I am sleeping on the floor. He left the room and we didn't hear anything from him. When I was ready to go to bed this is what I found.....

He is sleeping on the floor alright, I thought he was in his bedroom and at least on some carpet. But no, here he is sound asleep on the wood floor. I love this kid, he makes me laugh daily. He has the most imagination! Just yesterday at church, we were talking about following Heavenly Father's plan and how that would help us to be happy. So they went around the room in Sharing time and all the kids were suppose to say what they could do to follow Heavenly Father's Plan and how it would make them happy. When she got to Camden he said, I am going to live on an island with my mom, and there aren't going to be houses. We can just climb a tree and eat fruit. He kills me! I am very worried about him in Kindergarten, which is only next year! I hope he gets a nice and loving teacher!

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