Monday, February 21, 2011

A Trip to Iowa

The day after Christmas we flew to Iowa to spend the rest of the holiday with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa pops! I am very lucky we are able to fly, I am such a wimp when it comes to road trips. We had a great time with family. Grandpa pops won a gift certificate to a hotel there that had just recently added an indoor water park. We were suppose to go the hotel on Monday, however, Bryson was sick, I was sick, Dante (Bryan and Mel's) son was also sick. So we called the hotel to reschedule for Thursday night. They didn't want to let us change and so Bryan said well if you won't let us change, we will just come and I will let my sick kids puke in your pool. Kinda funny, but needless to say they let us change our reservation.
I was so sick on Monday, it was not fun. I went to an insta-care place and found out I had strep throat. We also took Bryson in, who had been sick since before Christmas. We were both put on antibiotics and we both began feeling better.
On Tuesday, Neil took the boys to Marc's friends house and they played in the snow. They had a blast! I stayed at Grandma's house and Bryson and I both had nice long naps, it was heavenly!
Thursday morning, Neil woke up with a sore throat and feeling crappy, so he went to the doctor and he had strep as well. Lucky us!
We still went to the pool and we had a great time!

They had these really cool slides and kids loved them! They had a boat theme in the kiddie pool, it was really cute.

Dallin is a great swimmer!

Bryson absolutely loved this slide, he would climb up there by himself and I would catch him at the bottom. Look at the big smile!
After awhile he decided going down on his bum, wasn't exciting enough. So as he was getting ready to go down the slide, he started laying on his belly, I was telling him to go on his bum. He just looked at me with that adorable/mischievous smile and went down head first. I caught him of course before he went face first in the water. He kept doing it, and then the other kids joined him. Pretty soon a life guard came over and told the kids to go down on their bums. Then it was Bryson's turn, I told him to go on his bum, and he did his smile and went. The life guard looked at me and said, how do you resist that smile. I don't, that's the problem!

Here is tough Dallin and Grandma Kathy!

He loves his Grandma!
This next picture isn't very good, but I had to put it in anyway, because you can still see the huge smile on Bryson's face, he loves the slides!
What some studly "Arzani Boys".
I didn't do a very good job and take many pictures, I hate when I do that. But here we are at the airport getting ready to come home. I am grateful my kids are such good little traveler's!
Shortly after we took this picture, we were informed there was a mechanical problem with the plane. They had called for a mechanic to come, but he wasn't even at the airport. Neil went and talked to them, and they were really nice and honest and said our chances of flying out tonight were slim, and they weren't any later flights out of Dallas either. So we booked flights for the next night and called Grandma back to pick us up for one more night!
This is Bryson wrestling his Mickey, Dallin is such a good big brother to him!
With one more day, we took a picture with Teddy. Camden loves dogs, he probably loved this dog a little too much.
All in all, we had a great trip despite our sickness and delay. It is so fun for the kids to spend time Grandma and Grandpa. We are lucky we get to see them as much as we do!

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