Saturday, March 12, 2011

He turns 2!!

On February 26 my little miracle turned 2. It is hard to even type that sentence without getting a little emotional. My baby isn't going to be a baby much longer, and I am not sure I am ready for that.
Sometimes it feels like this ...
was so long ago, other times, it feels like it was yesterday. Looking at Bryson today, it has hard to believe he had such a fight and struggle when he was born. If it weren't for his scars on his chest, you would never know. It is amazing that we have gone from the above picture to this....
I can't look at that picture without smiling. What a sweet "baby" boy he is! Bryson is so much fun, he has such a sweet personality and he can you give you looks that will melt your heart. It is almost impossible to get upset with him, when you do get after he him, he gives you this look that will melt anything. He is talking more and more everyday. I love to hear from the other room, mommy ere are you. When his brothers take something from him, you get a "hey", in the cutest voice ever. He loves his uncles so much, and now thinks it is very fun to call them on the phone. I don't think they mind getting a call saying "Hi Brady, I love you." It is safe to say he has us all wrapped around his little finger.

Here are some pictures from his birthday party.
Opening his T-ball set

A new mickey from Trisha and Brett. He has to sleep with both of them at night!
His other favorite thing "ball"
Savannah put this on his back and he didn't want anyone to take it off. If they did try they certainly got the "hey" from him.
Waiting for his cake, I love the excitement on his face.
Blowing out the candles.

He really blew them out, it was so dang cute. He tried to blow with all he had too!
Mommy and Bryson, and yes I am holding his hands down so he doesn't get into the cake.
Here is his cake, of course it's Mickey. Bryson absolutely loves Mickey Mouse, so I had to make this cake for him. It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, but I managed!
and with so much black icing ......
his shirt came off, and you should have seen every one's tongues!
Bryson and Dallin comparing tongues.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the miracle that was performed for Bryson. It is amazing to me the technology and information we have today. I know there are others that were not as lucky as Bryson, and I try hard not to take that for granted. I remember when we were told of his condition (Transposition of the great arteries) that the doctor said if your baby was going to have a heart defect this is the one to have. I have since found that to be so true, Bryson's heart has been corrected and so many others are not able to be fixed. I love this little boy with all of my heart, and I am truly grateful to be his mommy!


  1. Hello! Cake decorator Jodi. Wow. You did an awesome job. I have to quickly leave this post though before I am convinced to have another child because Bryson is so cute!

  2. He is sooo cute, just like your other boys! You and Mindy have some serious cake decorating skills.....impressive! Glad he had such a fun birthday!

    PS--love the black tongues! :)

  3. What a tender, beautiful post! He is truly is a little miracle boy! Great job on the cake too! I am quite impressed. He is such a stud!

  4. That first picture of him in the hospital really does break your heart. I'm soo happy that everything worked out for him. The party looked fun, Bryson is ADORABLE and that cake is awesome!!

  5. He is adorable! I see the boys follow ever so closely in their daddy's footsteps...wearing the famous Neil Arzani sweatshirts!! haha ;)