Monday, March 28, 2011

A sticky mess....

Bryson's new obsession is the hair gel. He loves to get some and put it on his hair, or in this case, everywhere! This stuff is so sticky, gooey, and messy!

Doing a little dance, showing me his artwork, take notice of the wall behind him.
I think he tried to clean up a little bit, hence the mess on the towel.
However, I must say I think I got the easy one on this. On Sunday, Neil was watching Bryson while we were at church. He was going to come to Sacrament meeting with Bryson. (We don't dare take him to nursery during RSV season.) Sacrament meeting started, and Neil wasn't there. I wasn't sure what had happened, I figured maybe Bryson fell asleep. When we got home, I found out the problem. Bryson had found a brand new bottle of gel and emptied that bottle all over my bathroom, shower, himself. Neil had an extremely large sticky, gooey mess to clean up!

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