Friday, March 25, 2011

They are out of here!

It has come to this... Camden has had strep throat 6 or 7 times in the last 10 months. He also has had tonsillitis a couple of times too. We have had enough and we went to an ENT to get them out! During Cam's first appointment he told the PA he had fire eyes. The PA asked him what his fire eyes did, and he looked up at him and said, well I can see your brain. I about died laughing. The PA was shocked, he wasn't sure how to respond to that one. Cam's brain never stops and it is always thinking of something crazy!

The nurse told him when he got his tonsils out he would get to eat ice cream and Popsicles whenever he wanted, even for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He was thrilled, he couldn't wait to get them out. I was a little more worried about the whole thing. I felt incredibly guilty the night before the surgery. This is not life threatening and I knew he wasn't going to feel good, and it was going to hurt, and I am going to let the doctor do this to him!

So before surgery the nurse came in and talked to him, took his blood pressure etc. He was all smiles, everyone would walk in and say Camden, how are you doing? He was thrilled they all knew his name and wanted to know how they knew.

His cute little feet, with Buzz slippers.

This is Dr. Major's and Camden told him they would have to do a secret handshake first. So he is showing him how to do it. The doctor asked him about his tonsils, and Cam said, well my tonsils are working really hard to get me sick. The doctor was impressed and told him, he would take them out, so they couldn't keep making him sick.
They take the kids to surgery in a wagon. He was so excited for his wagon ride, he could care less I was leaving. They certainly know what they are doing!
See you later buddy!
It was sad watching him get pulled away.
It was certainly much less stressful waiting for this surgery to be over. But it is surgery and there is always risks, so I was very glad to see the doctor afterward and he said everything went great. He also said his tonsils were huge and nasty, his adenoids were also very big so they were taken out as well. He said after a couple of weeks, we would be very happy we had done the surgery.

Camden told the nurse he wanted his daddy to hold him first. He is a daddy's boy! He closed his eyes for about 5 minutes, and then he was asking for a pop cycle. He wanted Neil's phone to play a game, he was doing awesome.
After a couple of hours, we took him home. On the way home, he asked for a marshmallow shake. He cracks me up. He did really good after the surgery too! He ate a ton of yogurt, and he had his fair share of shakes as well. The only time that was hard on him was the nights. He would wake up hurting, but he didn't want to swallow any medicine either. It would take us about 1/2 hour to 1 hour to get him to take his medicine and calm down. It wasn't very fun, but the first night he woke up hurting pretty bad, he asked me, "what did they do to me". It about broke my heart, but it also made me smile at the same time. I can only imagine what he thought, I went in there feeling fine, and now I hurt like heck! He also told me a couple of times, that he didn't like that doctor, he made me sick!

We have been down for his follow up, and all is healing as it is suppose to, oh happy day!


  1. What a funny kid. He has some pretty clever comments. I'm glad he's all healed now. We've not had to go through this with any of ours yet.

  2. What a cute little boy you have. He seems like quite the entertainer. All your boys are adorable. I love pediatric doctors--they really know how to relate to little kids and make it so things aren't scary. It sounds like he was in good hands. So cute about the wagon ride, but I would have been like you...sad to watch him roll away, knowing what was going to happen. I'm so glad everything went well. I can't believe he had so many bouts with strep throat--that is so awful! Glad he doesn't have to endure that anymore.