Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Camden's Field Trip

In April I was able to go to Camden's last Preschool field trip. We went to the Tree House Museum in Ogden. I had never been before, and neither had my kids. We had a great time. However, I took Bryson with me, and most of my time was spent keeping track of him. If I didn't know better, it was Bryson's trip since that is who I got the most pictures of!

As you can see, Camden didn't want to hold still for 2 seconds while I took a picture either!

They loved playing with the Safari animals!

When I put Bryson on this horse, he immediately started asking me for his hat. Here is the cute little cowboy!


It was really fun to go on Camden's field trip. I am truly blessed to be a stay at home mom, so I can enjoy going to things like this!