Saturday, June 25, 2011


Dallin is such a big helper. He loves to do thing for Bryson, he decided he wanted to change Bryson. He did a great job!

Such cute boys!

Bryson is such a little handy pants, he gets into everything. After Dallin's birthday party, I had left a permanent marker on the counter. Bryson climbed up and got it, and he drew a very nice picture all over himself!

He looks he is covered in tatoos!

I had to tell him it was naughty to draw on himself, and this is the face I got, mean mom!

If he wasn't so cute! The nursery leaders have even told me that is the way they describe Bryson. Every time he does something, they just say if he wasn't so cute! I had to laugh.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Soccer Season

This year we had two soccer players, and so the splitting begins! The very first game of the season Dallin and Camden had games at the same time, so we had to split up. Neil went to Camden's and I went to Dallin's. Camden had a great first game, and Neil said he did pretty good, and he even scored a goal! However, Camden's games varied greatly, he would have a few good games, where he was more aggressive (using that word lightly), and really got into the game. Other times he just ran around, luckily they had Carter on the team and he was very aggressive and a scoring machine! They won every game, because of him. It was very fun to watch though, and I think Camden had a good time, which is what matters!

See he did run for the ball!
Good kick bud!

Doing the kick off!

Getting ready for the game! Camden was running around looking for his pants, and I couldn't pass up this Photo Op! He looks like he is wearing thigh highs, such skinny little legs!

At one of his games, he started roaring at the other team during kick offs. Here is the roar! When Neil was little when he would wrestle he would growl at the kids and they would cry, I guess it is like Father, like son!It was fun, all the boys on his team are in our ward, and two of the boys was in Camden's preschool. Camden loved seeing his coach at church.

Here is another Roar, this time it is a pretty big one!

This season Dallin didn't have the "best" team. There were only a few boys that had played soccer, and there were plenty who were content to stand on the field and watch. At first it was really frustrating to Dallin as he is very aggressive and competitive. The first game he had to play his two best friends and they lost 12-0. It was really hard for him, but you know I am extremely proud of how hard Dallin tried every game, he never gave up and after the first game, he didn't get upset when they lost. I think they only won one game the entire season.

This isn't the best picture since Dallin is cut off, but I loved it because it shows the determination on his face. He played hard every game, he hated taking his turn to sit out.

Last game!

Team Picture

After the last game, we received a phone call that Dallin had made the All Star team and he would get to play two more games, we requested that he be on Bridger's team. He was thrilled that he got to play with Bridger and Jackson. What a difference having kids that actually play makes. Dallin made 2 goals in the first game and assisted a couple of goals on the second game. They won both games and he was so excited.
Each boy received a medal that says All Star! He was thrilled.

All in all it was a great season and the boys had fun!

I love watching the games and cheering them on!

Preschool Graduation

As I said in my earlier post about Camden's birthday, I am not ready for him to be old enough for Kindergarten! I guess since we just attended preschool graduation, it is really here. I am kinda sad, but I couldn't wait to watch him in his program. He was so excited to go, until I told him he had to wear church clothes and the excitement faded for a few minutes. Fortunately he regained his excitement quickly. I was not disappointed with his performance.

Just so excited!
They sang several songs and in between songs, the kids would get up and say a part. Camden could say his part perfectly at home, however when he got to the microphone, he must have spaced it. The teachers had to help him, and the microphone they had wasn't very good, and there were very few kids you could actually understand their parts for. All well, at least we tried! One of the songs they sang was A Tooty tot (sp?) It was hysterical, and I was trying to video, and so I was trying not to laugh too hard and shake the camera. But this is the face in the song, and yes he is doing what he is suppose to be doing.

Dallin also learned this song at school, so he was over in the corner doing it right along with the preschoolers. It was pretty cute!

Ms. Toree wrote a little thing about each of the students and she said as she sat to write down Camden's the first thing she thought of was Camden, Camden Camden. Camden says the cutest and funniest things, and he doesn't even know how funny he is. Which just fits him to a tee. He is just Camden! If you know him, then you will understand what I am saying. She also said he would pick one teacher and all day he would tell them how pretty they looked. When she said that, Camden says OH YEAH!! He is a little ladies man already, I am in so much trouble!

My little graduate!

Here are the best buds (Jackson Ricks)!

I tried to get another one, but it was impossible with the balloons. I couldn't get both of them to look at me at the same time. Typical little boys!

Camden loved Preschool and he loved going to school with his best bud. I am so happy he had a great time at preschool. Kindergarten, here he comes!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camden turns 5!

For a couple of weeks before Camden's birthday, Neil and I have been telling him we are going to cancel his birthday because we want him to stay 4. He really didn't like the idea too much, but Neil and I thought it was a great idea. We are not ready for Camden to grow up and go to school!

The morning of his birthday he woke up and looked at me and said, mom, don't you have something to say to me. I, of course, busted out with some HAPPY BIRTHDAY singing!!! To which he replied, Mom I am so proud of you for not canceling my birthday! Sweetest thing ever, but then I felt like I was such a bad parent for telling him those things. He didn't really want to wait for Dallin to get home from school, so we gave him one present that morning before Neil went to work.

On Saturday, we had Camden's friend birthday party. He wanted to have a Super Hero Party and he only wanted to invite boys, no girls were allowed. On the day of his party he insisted we make a sign for the door.....

Luckily he said I could still come, because I am his mom! I love this kid, he cracks me up everyday!

Jon, Tanner, Camden, Christian, Tustin, Jackson and Dallin

Jessika made these cute capes for all the boys!

The boys showing us their super hero muscles!

I did a little better job with taking pictures of this party. First we did an obstacle course, and one part they had to jump the tall building. Cam is jumping over!

Pin the bat symbol on Batman.

Then we shot the bad guys that were hung around on the walls.

We played a game similar to the cake walk, the boys walked around on the bad guys and when the music stopped we drew out a bad guy. Whoever was standing on him, they had killed the bad guy. They thought it was great to defeat the bad guys! It was funny.

We did another treasure hunt for their goodie bags, and then onto the pinyata!

After Camden opened each present we took a picture of him with that person. This is Jackson, Camden's "best bud". I love the picture of the two of the two of them.

Camden loved every present he opened, and then he would say to whoever gave it to him, "you get up here"! It was so cute, he had a blast!
Camden requested spider man cupcakes! I think they turned out pretty cute, or I mean cool!

Blowing out the candles!

Then on Sunday it was time for the family birthday party. Camden really lucked out this year, we celebrated his birthday all weekend!

Camden was so excited to open his presents, and he got a lot of Ninja Legos, and he would say, that is just what I wanted. He was so cute!

Big cheeser!

This is the Picture holder Jessika made Camden, she asked him what his

favorite thing is, and he told her robots!

Blowing out the candles, he was very serious about it!

It is so hard to get a picture of Camden actually looking at the camera. He may face you, but his eyes are usually looking somewhere else.

I think Camden had a great 5th birthday. It is really hard for me to believe he is already 5 and will be going to Kindergarten this year. Camden is a very affectionate kid, even in Primary I have to tell him to quit mauling his teacher. Cam loves to play with friends, and loves to play video games. (Not so good, I know.) He likes to play outside and he loves camping and riding four wheelers. He has been riding Dallin's old four wheeler and he is doing pretty good. It scares me though, Cam has no fear. I am so lucky to be the mom of such an amazing little boy. I love you Camden!