Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dallin's Birthday Party!

Man, I am getting old! I can't believe Dallin is 7 years old, where has the time gone? This year, Dallin wanted to have a friend party. He wanted it at our house, too, lucky me?? hahaha He invited lots of kids from his class to come and he invited 4 girls, but only 2 could make it. It was rather chaotic, so about the time we were mostly finished with the games, I remembered I hadn't taken a single picture of the party, go me! We had a sports theme birthday party. We had a little variation on the sports, we threw little balls into a basketball hoop. We played backwards bowling, ring toss onto a "football goal post" hat, see picture below, we also had an obstacle course. The kids had a great time. Then we opened presents....

Dallin and Bridger

Kaitlyn Blanchard and Dallin
Dallin and Jackson Thurgood

Dallin and Quade

After presents were opened they went on a scavenger hunt. It was really funny to watch the mass of kids runs through the house to find the next clue.

This is Neil wearing the football goal hat. There were 3 inflatable rings to try to hook onto the posts. It was a really fun game.

The last game for the party was a pinyata. Dallin's was dying to have one at his party and it was pretty fun. Bridger's turn

Quade taking a swing.

And now it is time for cupcakes and ice cream.

I love this picture of Dallin blowing out the candles, Dallin has a mouth full of air, you can see the smoke and Bryson is trying to blow them out as well!

We still a few minutes before the parents arrived to take the kids home, so they all went downstairs and wrestled.

I was surprised and even the girls got in on the wrestling.

Dallin is a little embarrassed by this picture, and he would like it known that it took both girls to get him down. I think it is a pretty cute picture!

And that was the friend party. I was so glad we had it on Saturday and Neil was able to be home to help me, we had a lot of wild and crazy boys there! Now it is time for the family party. I made Dallin a soccer birthday cake.

Dallin got some new clothes, which by the way he asked for!

Dallin has been saving his money to buy a DSI, so we gave him the rest of the cash he needed to buy it, and also a gift certificate to buy him a new game. He was very excited, I was really proud of him for saving money like he did. He had $90, so we really wanted to reward him for saving for so long (he takes after me in that department, not his dad).

Jessika made this for Dallin, it is so cute! I love it!

Blowing out the candles, check out those cheeks!

When we were trying to get a picture with Dallin and I and his cake, he kept dancing behind me. It was really cute, and I was having a hard time not busting up laughing.

Dallin is so much fun, I love being his mom. He is full of energy and he has a very soft heart (like his dad). He loves to be helpful and do what you ask him to do. He also loves it when he does something without being asked, and he is sure to let you know he did a good thing. Dallin loves to play sports and is pretty good at them too. (I love watching him play as well!) He loves riding his bike and playing with friends. He is a very good big brother, most of the time. He is very protective of his little brothers, I couldn't be more proud to be his mom. I love you Dallin!

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