Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easter Weekend....

This picture is completely out of order, but I accidentally deleted it, and I did not want to start over with this post. So here is a picture of Camden on the four wheeler, he looks like a little stud all decked out! He is doing pretty well with riding too!

We were really excited for our first trip to the sand dunes this year. The weather wasn't suppose to be fabulous, but we were hoping for decent. While I was packing, I asked Dallin and Camden to get out some clothes to take with us. Now, Camden is a sweetheart, but is probably the most unhelpful child I know. I was surprised when he came and got me to tell me he had his clothes ready. I went in his room to make sure he had enough of everything and this is what I found....

He practically emptied his closet, but he was so proud of the clothes he picked out, I had to run and get my camera.

This is Dallin's clothes he had ready, he did a great job!

This is where I would like the picture of Camden to be, so pretend it is here instead of at the beginning. Stupid Blogger, I wish there was a way to undo, if you delete a picture. If anyone knows how to do that, will you let me know?

This is Dallin on his new four wheeler heading out for a ride. Dallin is a great rider, and he has a blast at the dunes. He never wants to miss out on a ride!

Here is Mr. Bryson getting ready for a ride as well. When he put on his helmet, he didn't want to take it off. He is so funny, if you would try to take it off, he would so "no, hat on"!

Well when we left for the dunes, Bryson and Camden had a cold and a cough. I didn't think too much of it, so we still went. We left home on Friday morning, and Friday night, Bryson had a fever. Saturday was pretty chilly, so Bryson really didn't go out of the motor home. When he woke up from his nap Saturday afternoon, I was holding him and his heart was racing. I started watching him breathe and through his sweatshirt I could see he was breathing really, really fast. I ran and got Neil to look at him and he thought he would be fine. I didn't think so, I went and got Trisha. She came and we timed his breathing, he was breathing 72 times a minute, not good! So we took him over to the EMT at the sand dunes, and she said his heart rate was 120 and he was breathing 34 times a minute, but his temperature was 104. I knew she was crazy he was breathing faster and his heart rate was faster. She recommended we take him into Nephi to be checked out. We drove him to the ER at Nephi and his heart rate was 165, Respiratory rate was 69 and his oxygen level was 90%. The 90% isn't too bad, but the problem was how hard he was working to keep it there. They did blood work and then a chest x-ray. It came back that he had a virus going on, and his x-ray showed fluid in both lungs. They thought he had pneumonia. We were admitted to be monitored with breathing treatments, oxygen and IV antibiotics.

The only PJ's they had, were ones with pink elephant and whales. I didn't care, I just wanted him to be comfortable. I had brought him in, in sandy clothes. Here is my little tough guy chillin' with Mickey.

This is how he feel asleep. He kept this motorcycle close to him the entire time in the hospital.

He was so good, I didn't know how he would be in the hospital. He was such a good little trooper. The only time he fought, was the IV of course, and when they tried to put oxygen on him. He screamed bloody murder and wouldn't leave it alone. They were a little backwards in that hospital and the respiratory therapist didn't want to put the stickers on his checks to hold the oxygen tubes in place, and the cannula was too big for his nose. No wonder he fought it huh? So they had an open ended tube, that I was to try to keep by him when he was asleep, that was when his stats would drop below 90%.

Here he is coloring, his favorite thing to do, just getting him to keep it on paper is the problem!

Sorry about the crappy pictures, these were just taken with my phone.
On Monday, we were suppose to be heading home from the Sand dunes. They took another x-ray and the fluid in his lungs was worse. His stats were still no where near where they would like them to be. So we called Dr. Lloyd in Brigham to see if he would let us transfer up to McKay Dee so he could take care of him! They let us do that thankfully, once we got to McKay Dee they had more test results back, and he did not have pneumonia, he had RSV and Rhino virus. I was bummed, I had thought we got through another year without getting RSV, but the season started late and it carried late. It really didn't change the treatment for Bryson, except he didn't have to have the IV antibiotics anymore.

Trisha was so nice and she came and spent most of day Tuesday with me. It was really nice having someone to talk to besides the nurses coming in. I kinda got lonely sitting all those days in the hospital with just me and Bryson. Tuesday while he was taking his nap, his oxygen level dropped to 82% on a full litre of oxygen. I was really getting discouraged, he kept getting worse. The doctor warned me with RSV this happens, but it doesn't make it any easier.

I have been getting into essential oils the last few months, and I had been putting them on Bryson before we got to the hospital. (Probably not as aggressively as I should have though.) I didn't have them at the hospital and I thought since Camden has the same symptoms he probably has pneumonia too and told Neil he needed to really go after Camden's with lots of oils to get him better, and I would just let the doctors do their thing in the hospital. So when we transferred to Ogden I brought some oils with me. I don't know why, but I was kinda chicken and didn't use them. I knew when I put the oils on his chest they would help him not cough, however they wanted Bryson coughing so the fluid wouldn't settle and cause his stats to drop.

Bryson finally did start picking up on Tuesday night, which surprised me considering how bad he was during his nap that afternoon. At 6:00 pm we turned off his oxygen to see how he would do, within 3 minutes he was down to 87%. We turned him back on, well about 9:00pm he had some major burst of energy and wanted to walk around. We turned off the oxygen and he stayed at 95%! I was thrilled, we let him walk around the halls and look at the fish in the fish tank.

Finally on my fourth night in the hospital, I told myself how dumb I was being and I knew the oils would help him, so I put one on called Breathe. The nurse had everything ready so when he went to sleep and his stats dropped, which we were both sure they would, she could just turn it on and not even wake him up. I was thrilled when I woke up and his stats were staying around 95% all night without oxygen! I am still kicking myself for not using more oils sooner, but you live and learn and will never do that again!

The next morning, Dr. Lloyd came in and was very happy to see how much Bryson had improved that night. We were able to go home and not on oxygen, which both the doctor and I thought we would have too!

Of course I can't give all the credit to the oils, I know that Heavenly Father was listening to all of our prayers on behalf of Bryson. I also know the faith that Dallin has is amazing, and when I talked to him Tuesday night before going to bed, Dallin said he was going to pray that Bryson's oxygen would stay up at 100% and he wouldn't have to come home on oxygen. I was a little worried, because I really didn't think that would happen, but it sure did!

Here is Bryson, playing in the window getting ready to go home!

I also need to thank Jessika (Josh's girlfriend) for being such a huge help with all of this. She took care of Dallin and Camden so Neil could go to work! It was so nice not to have to worry about what I was going to do with them.

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