Sunday, June 19, 2011

Preschool Graduation

As I said in my earlier post about Camden's birthday, I am not ready for him to be old enough for Kindergarten! I guess since we just attended preschool graduation, it is really here. I am kinda sad, but I couldn't wait to watch him in his program. He was so excited to go, until I told him he had to wear church clothes and the excitement faded for a few minutes. Fortunately he regained his excitement quickly. I was not disappointed with his performance.

Just so excited!
They sang several songs and in between songs, the kids would get up and say a part. Camden could say his part perfectly at home, however when he got to the microphone, he must have spaced it. The teachers had to help him, and the microphone they had wasn't very good, and there were very few kids you could actually understand their parts for. All well, at least we tried! One of the songs they sang was A Tooty tot (sp?) It was hysterical, and I was trying to video, and so I was trying not to laugh too hard and shake the camera. But this is the face in the song, and yes he is doing what he is suppose to be doing.

Dallin also learned this song at school, so he was over in the corner doing it right along with the preschoolers. It was pretty cute!

Ms. Toree wrote a little thing about each of the students and she said as she sat to write down Camden's the first thing she thought of was Camden, Camden Camden. Camden says the cutest and funniest things, and he doesn't even know how funny he is. Which just fits him to a tee. He is just Camden! If you know him, then you will understand what I am saying. She also said he would pick one teacher and all day he would tell them how pretty they looked. When she said that, Camden says OH YEAH!! He is a little ladies man already, I am in so much trouble!

My little graduate!

Here are the best buds (Jackson Ricks)!

I tried to get another one, but it was impossible with the balloons. I couldn't get both of them to look at me at the same time. Typical little boys!

Camden loved Preschool and he loved going to school with his best bud. I am so happy he had a great time at preschool. Kindergarten, here he comes!

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