Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trophy Day

How bad is this, it is the end of July and I am still blogging about May! Man I need to catch up. What an exciting day it is when trophy day rolls around! The boys get so excited to get a trophy! They get to show off their skills they have been working on year. We were really excited because Dallin and Camden had their performances on the same night and Grandma Kathy was in town. She had never been able to be here on their "trophy day" before.

Camden was first! It is stretching time!

When the girls did splits, the boys flexed their muscles!
Back bends

Walking on the balance beam

Back hand spring, with "some" help from Miss Cassie!

The bar routine

Camden with Miss Cassie, she was so sweet with the kids, and Cam really liked her!

Here are Dallin and Camden with Dallin's teacher from an earlier year.

They both love her, thanks Miss Jacquie!

Camden with his trophy!

Then it was Dallin's turn. Here he is on rings. I can't believe how strong Dallin is! They start by hanging and swinging their legs and pull themselves up into a handstand, like this.

Then the drop their legs back,

until they reach this position. The coach has his hand their to grab him if he needs to but Dallin did this whole routine without any help. There was only 1 other boy in his class that could do it alone! I was really impressed.

Then he brings himself all the way back and then does a flip for a dismount.

Pretty cool if you ask me!

Parallel bars routine.

Just monkeying around!

Then he did a floor routine and none of the pictures turned out to great. He is so close to having his back hand spring. He can do it all by himself on the decline mat, but on the floor he has the teacher put a hand on his back. This next one is a handstand on the vault. He was very excited, because his coach didn't help him on this either.

Dallin with his trophy!

Both my boys!

Dallin with his coach, Joran. He did a great job with Dallin.

All in all it was a great year for gymnastics. The boys had a good time and they both improved. Dallin is a very hard worker, and Camden, well he is still Camden and has fun! I love my boys!