Wednesday, August 31, 2011

now it's time for Baseball!

I am so behind right now, I am still trying to blog about summer, and the kids are back in school. Maybe with 2 in school I will be able to catch up! Can I tell you how much I love to watch sports (that my kids are playing)! It is so much fun! This year Camden was able to play T-Ball. He really liked it! I was glad he would of course get tired and start playing in the dirt, but if he didn't do that, I would know it wasn't Camden.

What a little stud! This kid cracks me up!

And he is up to bat......

Nice hit!

On 3rd base

When Camden would get the ball, instead of just throwing it to first, he would run most of the way there and then throw the ball. It was really cute.

Bryson had a great time playing at the park, while the boys played baseball.

And then he went into the dugout. He would start by putting on the helmet, then he would ask for a bat, and then a ball. He would walk over to the bucket of balls, and try to get one out. He is ready to play, too bad we have 2 more years before he can!

Cute little baseball player!

As the season progressed, when Camden was up to bat, he would swing and then keep turning and turn himself all the way around. He would never hit that way, imagine that. I would have to tell him to just swing, and then he would hit the ball. Here is Camden at his last baseball game.

Running to first

Smiling at the camera!

And now for Dallin's season. This was Dallin's first year playing coach pitch. He was really nervous for his first game. This is the first time they could strike out. Nerve racking for me too!

Dallin in the outfield, he is so dang handsome!

This was Dallin's first time up to bat, I am not sure who was more nervous, me, Neil or Dallin. But he got a great hit on his second pitch. We were so excited for him, and he did not get out on first!

He made it home! We were so excited for him, and he was very proud of himself. Dallin was able to get hits and score both times he was up to bat on his first game.

Ready to catch the ball.

I was very proud of Dallin, as the season progressed he was able to handle striking out, or getting out pretty good. He is very competitive and wants to do well at anything he does. I love this next picture, you can see the intense look on his face getting ready to hit this ball!

On first base, and a little pose for me!

Bryson playing at the game!

Keeping him out of the dugout, was our biggest challenge during games!

At the last game, Dallin wanted to be catcher. Putting on all the gear!

Throwing the ball back to the pitcher. Dallin did a great job doing it!

And with that baseball drew to close and we will have to wait for August before football starts!

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