Thursday, September 1, 2011

Angel Moroni

I was so excited to hear that a temple would be built in Brigham City. Honestly it is something I didn't even think would happen, we have 2 temples within 30 minutes. It has been so fun watching the temple be built. We can see the temple pretty well from our house. It is quite the view, in fact one day when they were welding the frame for one of the spires, we could see the sparks from our driveway. I thought that was pretty amazing. The day arrived, that Angel Moroni would be placed on top of the temple. We all wanted to see it, it fell on a Tuesday, so my dad had the day off. While we were waiting for it to be placed, it started raining, and it rained pretty hard. We were all praying the storm would pass and we would be able to see it placed.
See how wet Dallin's shirt is?

Right at 12:00 the rain stopped, and shortly thereafter a bucket was raised up with 3 men in it. They went up and down several times, and we were told there was 40mph wind gusts up at the top, so we would have to wait to see the statue placed. We decided to walk over to Dixie Grill and get some lunch, of course since it was so close everyone had the same idea and it was packed. We were in line to order and my dad called and said you better hurry back. We ran back to the tabernacle in time to see Angel Moroni going up!

The spirit was so strong as we watched him placed on the temple. It was so neat to be there with so many other people and feel of the spirit. Dallin turned to me and said, my eyes feel like crying. I told him that was the Holy Ghost helping him to know how important temples are. I was so happy that he was able to feel the spirit that I was feeling. I took this picture to show that it wasn't raining any more!

At this point things kinda came to a stand still while they were pushing the cables through to secure him to the spire. My poor kids hadn't eaten lunch and I didn't bring much to eat since it was only suppose to take 20 minutes. The kids were so good though! How sweet are they?
Bryson had enough, and he crashed on Uncle Brett, I don't think he minded one bit snuggling with him!
My kids were so tired and hungry at this point that I packed up everything and started to walk to my car. I decided it would be ok, not see him lowered the last couple of feet. As soon as I started walking away again, mom said there it goes. So I went back and watched, and had to get a picture of him all the way on.

Now every time we drive by the temple, Bryson says "Angel Moroni". It is so cute, I love that we have been able to watch the temple being built and I can't wait for it to be complete so my kids can go to the open house. I am also thrilled to go do a session so close to my house! We are truly blessed.