Thursday, November 17, 2011

Casts and helping!

The day Bryson came home with his "hard cast", Dallin wanted to write his name on it. I thought it looked so cute, and I didn't want to to look dirty with writing all over. I promised Dallin that after we had our family pictures done, we would take a marker and let everyone sign his cast. He was so excited to do it, and I was happy because 2 days later he would get a new cast! It was a win, win situation!

Bryson was able to get the blue cast off, and then they wanted to put a new one on, but this one wouldn't go past his elbow. Dallin wanted to Bryson to have a purple cast, as long as it was dark purple and not a girlie color. He had to wear this one for 2 more weeks! Here is the little man right before we went and had it taken off.

I was a bit paranoid after it was taken off, we were going to the Sand Dunes 2 days later. The doctor made me a little temporary cast that I could put on, but take off too! I was glad to get the other on off, I couldn't imagine having to wear that down there, and how much sand would get it in it! I took pictures of Bryson's first bath after the cast, he wouldn't put his arm in. He kept it right up on the side like he had been.

Dallin finally convinced him he didn't have to leave his arm up and then he had a blast playing in the tub. He was so good through the whole thing. He never cried or complained about his arm or cast, he never acted like it itched or anything. I was so grateful!

Tanner has been mowing my lawn this year, and it has been so nice not to have to worry about it! The last few times he has mowed, Bryson follows right along with him. I thought it was cute!

One day he will make a great helper, too bad when he is old enough to really help, he probably won't want to!

another mess by Bryson!

We had a football game at 5:30 and then another game at 6:30. We have to be to the games early, so we had a quick dinner and left. I didn't get the dinner mess cleaned up before we had to leave. By the time we got home it was 7:45, so I told Dallin to shower while I did the dishes. I told him it was time to get washed and get out. He hollered back, "Uh mom, I need a little help in here". I dried off my hands, thinking he needed help with shampoo or something, then he yelled again, I need help with Bryson. Now I am thinking oh crap he probably got his cast wet. All my thoughts were wrong, this is what I found......

Bryson proudly declared, I cleaning mom! You probably can't tell, but he has a one square of toilet paper that he is "cleaning' with. I looked at Dallin and he just laughed and I ran to get the camera, what else can you do in moments like these!

He had comet cleaner everywhere!

I carried Dallin out of the bathroom and carefully took off Bryson's clothes to get him in. I cleaned while he was in the shower. Dallin called my mom to tell her what he had done. I had just taken Bryson out of the shower and my doorbell rings. I am thinking seriously, who is coming here and right now??? It was my mom! Dallin called her, after he told her what had happened, she asked if I needed help. Dallin said, well I don't know what to do, but your the mom so I thought you would know. I felt bad my mom came out, I had most of the mess cleaned up when she got there. But she helped me get the kids to bed, and while I finished mopping, she finished my dishes. I was grateful for the help! I think that Dallin called her because I said to him, "I don't even know where to start on this mess"! He is so sweet and is always trying to take care of me. Then Dallin took a few pictures, here is one of Bryson's shoe.
Thankfully, nothing was ruined. I have had several good laughs about it. I cleaning mom! If only he was so helpful right? I love my boys, they certainly keep me on my toes!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's time for football!

This year Dallin and Camden were able to play flag football. They were really excited. Neil has coached Dallin's team since he started, so he decided to coach him his final year before tackle football. I figured we would have some games that were at the same time, I was very disappointed to find out only 3 games weren't at the same time. It made it very difficult, since Neil was coaching, I couldn't see much of Dallin's games, and he couldn't see any of Cam's. I didn't get many pictures this year.

Bridger's older brother plays football, and so he thought they should have a banner to run through. Sheri, being the great mom she is, made each of the boys' team a banner. Dallin is on Bridger's team and Camden is on Jackson's team. Here is Dallin's banner, you can barely see their heads, but they are there!
Poor Bridger tripped, and he didn't get to break through, but Dallin was right behind him, so he ran into it. He thought it was great!
Like I said, I didn't take many pictures this year, and these certainly aren't the best pictures, but I had to use what I had.

Dallin had a great season and he loved every minute of it. They didn't go undefeated this year, and now that it is so much later I can't remember if they lost two games or not. I am glad that he had fun, that is what is most important.

And then there is Camden......
He was growling at the team in the picture above. He kills me! His coach, bless his heart, volunteered to coach, but he didn't know the first thing about football. Seriously, the director of our city recreation was trying to explain to him what a down was! I was a little shocked.

Here is the banner for Camden and Jackson's team! The paper didn't rip the first time through, so they got to try again.
Most of the kids had no clue what we were doing, but they thought it was fun!
Camden loved to block, even when he shouldn't have been.

At Camden's last game he didn't want to play. The coach was by himself, and Savannah was watching Bryson, so I decided to tell him if he would go play I would help coach. I felt like a dork, but he played and he thought it was so cool that I helped. Who cares if all the parents thought I looked stupid, Camden thought I was cool!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peach days 2011

I am not going to lie, I LOVE PEACH DAYS! Some of you may think I am crazy, but hey I like it! This year Dallin was very excited that he would get to be in the "kid" parade on Friday night. He talked Camden into doing it with him. The Peak, where they take gymnastics allowed all the kids to come and walk and do tricks down the parade. Dallin thought that would be the coolest. He was very excited, Camden said he would be in the parade until he saw me, and then he was going to come and sit with me.

Dallin did cartwheels and round offs the entire parade. He loved every minute of it.

Cartwheels down the parade!
Camden, on the other hand, did exactly what he said he would do. When he saw us, he walked right over and sat down. He was done.
After the parade we rode rides, it was perfect! The lines weren't too long, and the weather was perfect. The kids had a great time.

I didn't take many pictures of the Saturday parade, but I did get this one. I was happy to get this one though, it shows Bryson's cast. It is was sad, but at the same time, is it weird to say it was cute too?
After the parade we bought some tickets so the kids could play on the inflatables. They really enjoy doing this every year. Dallin and Quade fought each other!

This is the one I think is a waste, but what do I know! The kids got to put on the Velcro suit and jump, once. I only got this picture of Camden.
Dallin hung there long enough for me to take look at me!
Bryson loved the bounce house, and then they got to come down the slide!
All in all we had a great time at good old Peach days!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Labor Day

I love labor day weekend! My family all decided to head up Logan canyon. I called Josh to see if he would drive up the motor home for me. I was grateful he said yes! I am just not brave enough to drive it, and pull the four wheeler trailer too, YET! Saturday we went for a ride! I am grateful for helpers, I just can't take 3 boys on my four wheeler. I have also learned for "bigger rides" I 0can't take Bryson, which makes me feel bad. I just can't hold him with one hand and steer with the other. I have learned my limits :(

Drink break!
Here are my handsome boys at Old Ephraim's grave. Dallin and Camden were very fascinated with the story, we had to come home and look up some more information on the computer. They were funny, Dallin wanted to dig up his grave and find the bear's bones!
Here is our group! FYI: that would be dust all over our faces! Back row: Josh, Camden, Ernie, Abby, Dallin, Cade. Front row: Jessika, Abby, Cassey, Bryson, and me! My face was filthy!
I am so grateful my boys have awesome uncles! Josh took all the kids fishing, WOW. Here are a few heading out.
What a handsome fisherman, Dallin loves to pose!
The little man
Camden loves to fish, my cousin Phil has taught Camden this saying. After you catch a fish you say, First you kiss 'em on the lips, and then you Bonk them on the head. Every time he sees Phil, or goes fishing he says it, it is pretty funny.
Jessika took these great pictures.
See how many kids he took fishing, what patience! They all loved it and had a blast, well maybe with the exception of Josh.

Camden had recently learned to ride his bike without training wheels. He wanted to take his bike camping. I wasn't sure it was a great idea, since the road isn't even. Tanner worked with him and he did great. He had him stopping on his own, which is something I hadn't taught him yet. I am so grateful for a supportive and helpful family.
Here is bubba, I think he must have eaten some dirt! Seriously even with a dirt filled face, he is still pretty stinkin' cute even if I do say so myself.
Camden just got this toy at McDonalds and it had to ride on his handlebars. He is so funny, he gets attached to things pretty quickly.
Awesome job buddy!
On Monday about lunchtime, I went into the motor home to get something. I heard Bryson start crying, and went running back out. My aunt Connie was holding him, and Trisha said, something is wrong, he didn't get right up. I took him from Connie and looked at his arm. Unfortunately Trisha was right, his arm was bowed. I yelled his arm is crooked, get me a board! My aunt found a stick, and my mom got her first aid kit out. We wrapped it up, I gave him some Ibuprofen and Brett S. drove us down the canyon in Connie's car. Bryson was still crying, but about 10 minutes into the drive, he stopped crying, and then he fell asleep. We arrived at the hospital and I carried him in. He woke up and seemed fine, he was pointing at pictures on the wall asking what they were.
We took him back and the nurse unwrapped his arm, she said well I am not a doctor, but I can see it is broken. After she unwrapped his arm, he started pointing at things with the broken arm asking what it was. She said, if I hadn't seen his arm, I would think it must not be broken since he is moving it around.
We went to x-ray and sure enough both bones in his arm were broken. They put in an IV, which was the only time he cried at the hospital. I can't say that I blame him either, they had it in, and while taping it they pulled it out so she tried to push it back in, and that didn't work, so they had to do it again. This is a picture of his arm, but from my angle you can't really see how bowed it was.
This is after getting his IV. He is so dang tough! They put in an IV, so they could sedate him while they set his arm. I called Neil to let him know what was going on, and he got to the hospital just as they were going to set it.
I was so glad he was out of it when they did that, I can only imagine how bad it would hurt. It was awful just watching them, and even worse hearing the "pop" as they put it back. It was so disgusting. I will never forget that sound, yuck! Here he is when it is all done.
Neil took Bryson and I home, and Brett S. went back up the canyon to get everyone packed up to come home. We were told to see an orthopedic surgeon by the end of the week to have a solid cast put on. The nurse told me that he would be in a lot of pain, and to make sure I keep on top of giving him Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I did that the first night and the next day, but he was acting really good, so I backed off the medicine and gave it to him when he complained about it, which was hardly at all. When I told the doctor that, he said well I guess a broken arm is a piece of cake compared to open heart surgery. He said Bryson probably had a really high pain tolerance.

I am mad at myself because I took a picture of his cute cast, and then I forgot I had done that and deleted all the pictures off of my camera. So I don't have a picture of just his cast. :(