Thursday, November 17, 2011

another mess by Bryson!

We had a football game at 5:30 and then another game at 6:30. We have to be to the games early, so we had a quick dinner and left. I didn't get the dinner mess cleaned up before we had to leave. By the time we got home it was 7:45, so I told Dallin to shower while I did the dishes. I told him it was time to get washed and get out. He hollered back, "Uh mom, I need a little help in here". I dried off my hands, thinking he needed help with shampoo or something, then he yelled again, I need help with Bryson. Now I am thinking oh crap he probably got his cast wet. All my thoughts were wrong, this is what I found......

Bryson proudly declared, I cleaning mom! You probably can't tell, but he has a one square of toilet paper that he is "cleaning' with. I looked at Dallin and he just laughed and I ran to get the camera, what else can you do in moments like these!

He had comet cleaner everywhere!

I carried Dallin out of the bathroom and carefully took off Bryson's clothes to get him in. I cleaned while he was in the shower. Dallin called my mom to tell her what he had done. I had just taken Bryson out of the shower and my doorbell rings. I am thinking seriously, who is coming here and right now??? It was my mom! Dallin called her, after he told her what had happened, she asked if I needed help. Dallin said, well I don't know what to do, but your the mom so I thought you would know. I felt bad my mom came out, I had most of the mess cleaned up when she got there. But she helped me get the kids to bed, and while I finished mopping, she finished my dishes. I was grateful for the help! I think that Dallin called her because I said to him, "I don't even know where to start on this mess"! He is so sweet and is always trying to take care of me. Then Dallin took a few pictures, here is one of Bryson's shoe.
Thankfully, nothing was ruined. I have had several good laughs about it. I cleaning mom! If only he was so helpful right? I love my boys, they certainly keep me on my toes!

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