Thursday, November 17, 2011

Casts and helping!

The day Bryson came home with his "hard cast", Dallin wanted to write his name on it. I thought it looked so cute, and I didn't want to to look dirty with writing all over. I promised Dallin that after we had our family pictures done, we would take a marker and let everyone sign his cast. He was so excited to do it, and I was happy because 2 days later he would get a new cast! It was a win, win situation!

Bryson was able to get the blue cast off, and then they wanted to put a new one on, but this one wouldn't go past his elbow. Dallin wanted to Bryson to have a purple cast, as long as it was dark purple and not a girlie color. He had to wear this one for 2 more weeks! Here is the little man right before we went and had it taken off.

I was a bit paranoid after it was taken off, we were going to the Sand Dunes 2 days later. The doctor made me a little temporary cast that I could put on, but take off too! I was glad to get the other on off, I couldn't imagine having to wear that down there, and how much sand would get it in it! I took pictures of Bryson's first bath after the cast, he wouldn't put his arm in. He kept it right up on the side like he had been.

Dallin finally convinced him he didn't have to leave his arm up and then he had a blast playing in the tub. He was so good through the whole thing. He never cried or complained about his arm or cast, he never acted like it itched or anything. I was so grateful!

Tanner has been mowing my lawn this year, and it has been so nice not to have to worry about it! The last few times he has mowed, Bryson follows right along with him. I thought it was cute!

One day he will make a great helper, too bad when he is old enough to really help, he probably won't want to!

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  1. Bryson can practice on my lawn. It is much smaller!