Monday, November 7, 2011

First Day of School

I wish I didn't have to start every post with, I am so far behind. I really need to catch up, and obviously it is true again. It is only the beginning of November and I am writing about the first day of school. Dallin is starting the 2nd grade, I can't believe how old he is getting. Dallin had an amazing 1st grade teacher, and I am extremely worried about this year. He has 2 teachers, they split the day, one teaches in the morning and the other teaches in the afternoon. The day didn't go exactly as planned. I had Dallin up in plenty of time to be ready, but they posted the time when the bus would be at our stop wrong. My friend Sheri called me, and said the bus is coming, needless to say, we missed it. I was incredibly stressed because Camden had to catch the bus in 40 minutes, and he had just woke up. Sheri offered to drive Dallin to school and walk him in, while I made sure the little boys got on their bus. It is difficult adjusting to life as a single mom. In years past, I would have had Neil get Cam ready while I got Dallin to school, but that is not an option, so we forge ahead right? Here is my handsome 2nd grader!

Sheri took a picture of him at his table. Sheri saved our first day of school, I felt so bad we missed the bus. I am so grateful to have her as my friend.
Camden started Kindergarten this year. We have one all day class at our school, and he was put in the all day class. I wasn't very happy about this, but I was afraid to take him out if he really needed it. Camden didn't want to get ready for school, which didn't help out my morning. He takes after his dad, in the fact that he doesn't want to get up in the morning, and when he does he wakes up slowly. It is hard for him to wake up, and start getting ready. I have to wake him up about an hour before he needs to go, so he has time to "wake up and get going".

I was able to make the bus for Camden. Here he is getting on, they look so little getting on this big bus. He has been very excited to ride the bus to school.
After he got on the bus, I drove to the school, to get him into his class.

Here is my little man in his classroom. I was so worried about him, I knew it was going to be a long (for both of us). As I was getting ready to leave, he didn't want me to go. It broke my heart, because honestly I didn't want to leave either. His teacher came over to see if she could help and she asked him if he was alright, he said "I am a little scared here". I felt so bad, she distracted him and then told him to tell me bye. He did and I walked out with a brave face on.
I get stressed for the first day of school, I worry so much. I pray they will like their teachers, that the kids will be nice to them. I can hardly wait for them to come home, so I can get their report. Dallin said he had a good day, and he liked his teachers. He has since been struggling just a bit. One of his teachers is quite strict, but the other one isn't, so that is very hard on him. As I would think it is for most of the kids, especially that age.

I went down to the bus stop to get Camden, and I see a "helper" on the bus carrying him off. I ran up there, and he was dead asleep. She put him down, and he looked at me and said "School is so exhausting". I carried him home for a little rest. He is so sweet. I was worried he would be asleep again, and not get off the bus. They only have the helpers on the bus for a couple of days while the bus driver learns which kids get off where. I started driving the four wheeler down to get him, he may just be skin and bones, but it gets heavy carrying him up the hill to our house. Luckily he has adjusted and hasn't fallen asleep since.

At our first parent teacher conference, his teacher told me, "well he might have been behind at some point, but he isn't anymore, in fact he is ahead". I was thrilled! She also told me he is very well liked, whenever someone gets to pick someone to help them, they all pick Camden.

I certainly couldn't have a post and not throw some Bryson pics in. This was his attempt to put his pajama shorts on, by himself! My pictures are out of order here, but I didn't want to delete them. I love how they don't go over his diaper at all.

This is Bryson boxing. I have no idea where he got this, I really think he came up with on his own. He tells me he wants to box, and goes and gets the extra toilet paper rolls. They are his boxing gloves. He is so funny.
Another view of his shorts. He had both legs through one leg hole.

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