Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's time for football!

This year Dallin and Camden were able to play flag football. They were really excited. Neil has coached Dallin's team since he started, so he decided to coach him his final year before tackle football. I figured we would have some games that were at the same time, I was very disappointed to find out only 3 games weren't at the same time. It made it very difficult, since Neil was coaching, I couldn't see much of Dallin's games, and he couldn't see any of Cam's. I didn't get many pictures this year.

Bridger's older brother plays football, and so he thought they should have a banner to run through. Sheri, being the great mom she is, made each of the boys' team a banner. Dallin is on Bridger's team and Camden is on Jackson's team. Here is Dallin's banner, you can barely see their heads, but they are there!
Poor Bridger tripped, and he didn't get to break through, but Dallin was right behind him, so he ran into it. He thought it was great!
Like I said, I didn't take many pictures this year, and these certainly aren't the best pictures, but I had to use what I had.

Dallin had a great season and he loved every minute of it. They didn't go undefeated this year, and now that it is so much later I can't remember if they lost two games or not. I am glad that he had fun, that is what is most important.

And then there is Camden......
He was growling at the team in the picture above. He kills me! His coach, bless his heart, volunteered to coach, but he didn't know the first thing about football. Seriously, the director of our city recreation was trying to explain to him what a down was! I was a little shocked.

Here is the banner for Camden and Jackson's team! The paper didn't rip the first time through, so they got to try again.
Most of the kids had no clue what we were doing, but they thought it was fun!
Camden loved to block, even when he shouldn't have been.

At Camden's last game he didn't want to play. The coach was by himself, and Savannah was watching Bryson, so I decided to tell him if he would go play I would help coach. I felt like a dork, but he played and he thought it was so cool that I helped. Who cares if all the parents thought I looked stupid, Camden thought I was cool!

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