Friday, February 10, 2012

It's a Merry Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas, it is my most favorite holiday, and get so excited. I love shopping, and planning and well maybe not wrapping, but everything else I love! I was very worried about how this Christmas would go, as it is our first Christmas, not as an entire family. Dallin told me he wanted his dad here to watch them open presents. It was decided that Neil would come really early in the morning and be at our house when the kids woke up. I was so worried that Neil would not wake up and be here, (he is NOT a morning person). I was very relieved when he was here at 5:00am, I woke up the kids at 6:00 since we had church at 9:00. My parents and Brett also spent the night, so we had a great Christmas morning.

I stink at taking pictures Christmas morning, I get to involved in opening presents and making sure the boys are taking turns. Neil was videoing it, so at least we have that! We have the kids opened 1 present at a time, and they take turns. I love it this way! You get to see each one open their presents, they get to see each other. They get so excited when they see their brother get something they had been wanting. It just makes Christmas!

Dallin can hardly stand waiting, he always looks through his stocking first. It is funny to me, because as a kid we always opened our presents first and then looked in our stockings! He was thrilled there was an orange, he is so funny!
As you can see by the expression, he was even more thrilled to get his 3DS!

Camden was happy with his Walkie Talkies and of course...
thrilled with his 3DS.

Bryson got the cutest Mickey Mouse scooter. The first time he got on it, it was in reverse and so when he pushed the gas, he went backwards and it kinda tipped. It really scared him, he wouldn't really ride it the rest of the day. I was thrilled when later that night he went for a ride and then he loved it.
Admiring his Mickey Mouse slippers.

The kids got all sorts of stuff, and lots of family gifts too, like movies and Wii games and such! Santa really lightened his load at our house! Christmas turned out pretty good, Neil stayed and had breakfast with us, and then he ironed the kids clothes while I got ready for church. He stayed at the house while we went to church. While we were gone he got cleaned up, and then we all played until it was time to go to my mom's for dinner. I am grateful that we are able to get along and do some things together. It is hard in some ways, but it is really a blessing especially for the kids.

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  1. Your boys are so cute, and sonaremyou!nyou are such the cutest mom! I hope I can be that way with my boys! It definitely makes it easier for the kids when you can get along,mi think it also helps me with j cause it's hard enough having to do it alone, and being the one they ask the questions to!