Friday, February 10, 2012


Wrestling season was quite a bit different this year. This year Camden was able to wrestle, I was pretty nervous about it. Neil was out of town for the first meet, and I was very worried about that, so I asked if Tyler Rackham would come and coach the boys for me. He was so nice to come and help me, I would not have made it without him. He helped the kids a lot!
Here is some pictures of Camden, I know this picture isn't good, but I loved that Bryson is laying on the match watching.
He is too cute and sweet to be a wrestler!

Camden was so much for to watch, whenever he would be on bottom and trying to get up, he would growl and then it would help him escape. It was pretty funny!

If you look close you can see how red his face is. He was on bottom and trying to escape. Dallin took these pictures for me, while I took video. He did a good job, he took a TON of pictures, but they are cool to look at. He took so many and so quick, if you just click on next it looks like a cartoon and you can see his motion.

I don't have very many pictures of Dallin for a couple of reasons. One being Camden doesn't take pictures while I video, and two; his matches are a lot more intense and it harder to take video and still pictures! This is of the first tournament when Tyler helped coach him.

This was a pretty tough year for us in wrestling. Camden had a lot of fun, but he didn't win any matches. He was sad when he placed fourth, it broke my heart. Dallin really struggled as well, it was pretty hard for him to go from winning most meets last year, to placing 4th in all the meets this year. I was really hoping for a good year for him, he really could have used the confidence booster, with all the changes at our house. I am so proud of both my boys, they worked hard and that is more important than the wins. Neil always says you learn more from the matched you lose, than the ones you win. I hope Dallin will be able to learn from this experience and keep on going, he loves the sport, and honestly I love watching it!

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