Friday, March 23, 2012


I really enjoy watching basketball! So I guess I should say I love watching my kids play sports, whatever one they are in, but I have always loved watching basketball. Dallin's team won their first game and I was thrilled, however after that they wouldn't win again until their last game. It was a difficult season to watch, but I still enjoyed it (some of the time). Dallin is pretty competitive, and it is hard to lose every week. He handled it pretty well, which I am extremely proud of. He would get frustrated to have to sit out and let some of the other kids play because they wouldn't even try. I am talking they hardly stepped over half court, I could understand his frustration, because it was frustrating watching.

Love the tongue hanging out!
I didn't take too many pictures, but I did get some decent ones.
Then there are these two......
They crack me up!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

I am not very good at celebrating all the "little" holidays with my kids. I usually do something, but since this is my first Valentines Day being alone again, I really wanted to focus on the kids. I saw an awesome breakfast idea, so I decided to make it. It turned out beautiful, however I don't think it tasted that great. The recipe called for Swedish pancakes so the batter would be runny. You put it in a squeeze bottle and make hearts. I made whip cream and cut up strawberries for the middle. I will make these again, but I will use regular pancake batter, and just make it more runny. The kids didn't really like the pancakes either, but we had fun eating the strawberries and whip cream!

As I was cooking breakfast, Dallin brought me a sack. He had asked his dad for money the previous week so he could buy me a Valentine. Then the night before Valentine's day, we were at Gymnastics where they have a cute little craft shop. He went and bought me a present without my knowing. He even had the girls help him wrap it! It was the absolute sweetest thing, and it made my day! Dallin is so thoughtful and protective of me, I couldn't be more proud to be his mom. These are the things he picked out for me!

Sometimes while I am getting ready in the morning, this is what Bryson does. He is so funny!I usually get the boys a little something for Valentine's Day and it is usually something very small. However, being that I wanted a good distraction, I decided to get them something big.
Please overlook the fact, that the present is wrapped in baby shower paper!
I love the look on their faces when they realized what it was...priceless!

I had played the Xbox Kinect at my sister's house, and had a blast. I decided then we had to get one. I just wasn't sure when to do it, I thought there wasn't a better time then good "ol Valentines! So Happy Valentines day to us!!

I have been watching "The Bachelor" my guilty pleasure, and I was thinking about Valentines Day. I decided I was going to be the Bachelorette and have a 3 on 1 date with the most handsome boys I knew. I didn't want any roses on our date, because I wouldn't be sending any of them away! We had a gourmet meal of a heart shaped cheese pizza and red punch! The boys were thrilled to have it all by candle light.
My 3 handsome dates....

Could I get any luckier?? It isn't the best picture, but hey! Bryson learned to pull funny faces at the camera, and he is trying to get his fingers in his mouth. I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's Day. I love my 3 boys with all of my heart!